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  1. Glad to hear. I am done with winter.
  2. Will miss your regular input, Walter. Thanks for all your contributions.
  3. One of the best winter months we have had in quite a long time, no question.
  4. Umm.. OK... Radar overhead is busy. It can start snowing now. Hello? Update : Finally arrived
  5. Radar overhead shows snow but not reaching ground. Didn't think there would be a virga factor early on. Waiting for the goods!
  6. Spring fever will hit everyone. But I wouldn't rule out a final winter punch sometime later in March or April.
  7. Yup. And my mood is definitely responding for the better. Love these deep blue sunny winter with thick snowpack and seasonal temps. We will refill the pack tomorrow.
  8. A nice thump is looking likely for us inland folks tomorrow. Could see 1 inch /hour rates as convection south of us feeds in.
  9. Could be the final bang for the buck for this winter. Makes sense to go out with a big storm.
  10. Volatility is good for a potential blue bomb. Waiting for a 1993 type monster triple phaser, but this time further east track so we get what State College got then. I know, big weenie post here.