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  1. Tired of the cloudy humid weather. And it looks like more of the same into next week. Ugh. I too need my AC on at night to sleep better due to high humidity. Never used to need the AC so late into October.
  2. Hate to be on a flight traveling over our area today. I can't stand turbulence.
  3. September these past several years has been more like August part 2.
  4. How are the tornado threat parameters looking for tomorrow?
  5. Hope everyone stays safe and healthy through this awful weather day and beyond. Hope everyone gets power back asap.. This is going down in the books for sure. I see an area of heavy echoes near Sparta Township in NJ moving East and I am hoping that doesn't cause more problems for the NYC metro area
  6. I see a wall of rain moving up into DC and Maryland. Is that the PRE getting going?
  7. Speak for yourself! I don't want any tornado near me!
  8. Yup, Henry came before Gloria. Even in 7th grade I was a weather geek following every detail on my NOAH weather radio!
  9. I love your play by play analysis during these convective episodes. Very informative and valuable your expert take, thank you!
  10. Just triggered winter storm tracking memories...