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  1. I am prepared for any outcome... from cirrus to blizzard. No expectations. Just roll along with what is and what will be. Tracking is still fun and interesting.
  2. Best we not emotionally react to every waffling run this far out. Just keep monitoring and reporting like you guys do so well here.
  3. Trending west for now, but this is still 5 days away. Very low confidence this far out for any one particular solution.
  4. At this point in time, no matter what run to run solution comes up, as it would be with any signal a week or more away, we just wait, watch, and track. Let's see how the upper air shapes up to support a solution one way or the other. I love Forky's suggestion to treat every OP run solution this far out as an ensemble member.
  5. Expect the unexpected over the next two months. That's my forecast.
  6. Nice 1-2 inches this morning, pretty to look at
  7. You know it's a measly winter when a 1-2 inch event feels like a highlight
  8. Exactly. It can still snow and it probably will, just not as probabilistic.
  9. True, just have to accept what is and hope for the best. Good advice for life in general too. I try to see the positives of low or no snow as a way to console myself. It helps.
  10. It sucks in our neck of the woods. Extremely weak sauce so far. I am hopeful we make up the rest of the winter. If not, oh well.
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