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  1. Ugh, only light rain here closer to the Hudson River. My low elevation is a bummer in these scenarios.
  2. What is the latest on the early week event?
  3. Snow winding down a good 5 inches here in the eastern side of Poughkeepsie. A definite over performer from what I originally thought. Wish all Decembers could be cold and snowy.
  4. A very nice 3-5 inch snowfall area wide. Solid! December snow is simply the best!
  5. 3-4 inches here in Poughkeepsie
  6. Definitely more snow than I expected. Really nice rates with large flakes. Didn't expect snow growth to be this robust given the initial stubborn dry air. Looks absolutely beautiful out there, perfect Christmas season snow. Wish today was Christmas.
  7. Steady light to moderate snow here in the Poughkeepsie area
  8. I am getting a "meh" feeling for today. Expecting 1-2 inches. Low level moisture seems lacking as Julian stated. Oh well, will at least set a holiday mood.
  9. Advisories now up for Dutchess (Poughkeepsie) area
  10. Not sure what this translates to
  11. I will take my 1-3/ 2-4 and run here in Poughkeepsie. Will set a beautiful Christmas / winter mood.
  12. I am thinking there will be more north of 84, especially Dutchess with 3-5