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  1. Keep sniffing out the potential like you always do. I love it.
  2. Oh, I definitely believe you on the models. Weenie was the wrong choice of word as it has pejorative connotations.
  3. Sorry man, didn't intend that post the way you took it. There was no sarcasm. I really do enjoy your glass half full posts. I am the biggest weenie there is, so I have no business looking down on anyone else who might be.
  4. They need to remember we don't live in Siberia
  5. Man, I love your weenie optimism...
  6. Usually it turns out mild and rainy at the solstice.
  7. It is a long way off, but I would love to see a pattern more conducive for snow around Christmas time.
  8. A triple phaser. The players making this happen must have been very prominent for the models to have picked up the solution of a historic storm so far in advance.
  9. A solid 8 inches total here in Poughkeepsie where I Iive and I am totally satisfied.
  10. Agreed. Snowing at a good clip with more to come. I will be happy with 6-7 inch total including yesterday.
  11. ULL to surface low... Yo! Get back here you little snot!
  12. Is UHI getting stronger with time? If so, the snow would need to be heavier for the same amount to accumulate right in the city compared to years ago.
  13. Would be funny if we all got hammered suddenly when we didn't expect it after we got little when we did expect a lot.
  14. Snow getting more moderate here. May be some hope for a few more inches. Even if amounts didn't verify as high here, I still love that we enough to whiten things.