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  1. You know it a bad winter for snow lovers when even rain events don't verify.
  2. Wall to Wall, start to finish rain and 30s would be the worst. This forum would be unbearable. At least in this winter, we have had a lot of pleasant, dry days even if it has been a stinker as far as snow, especially at the coast.
  3. Can't get any worse? I hope mother nature doesn't drink beer.
  4. True, should be in the vendor thread, but he did make a good point about some conflicting signals moving ahead by different models that need to be resolved
  5. Question - how do shorter wavelengths going into March interact with forecasting teleconnections?
  6. I will be curious to see if the MJO projections to phase 8 in March by some models continue.
  7. I headed to New Paltz today and they have a nice few inches of white everywhere
  8. When we start celebrating slush, you know it is a bad winter
  9. Wow... White stuff falling outside... Forgot its name... It has been so long...
  10. Wow, never heard of a sudden ionospheric warming. Strat warming yes, but not that one. When and where was the last such ionospheric warming? What are the usual impacts?
  11. Yes it is the stark similarities and commonalities in all his posts. I suspect Snow88 is a cold weather and snow fan for similar reasons.. Common threads in his posts.