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  1. I lived in Worcester MA during that month. It was absolutely epic as an 8th grader and huge snow lover. Never experienced anything like that again and never will in all probability. Feet of snowpack to play in after school and on the weekends. Winter storm warnings almost every 3-4 days. Sigh... Memories....
  2. I am all for an early Spring and warm weather if we can't get snow. But of course, it will likely be a cold, wet, miserable spring, pretty much the same temps and weather it is now.
  3. The Pac NW usually does well relatively with snow during La Nina winters
  4. I feel like I am living in London or Seattle. Day after day of cloudy, gloomy weather with only a few sunny exceptions with rain every few days.
  5. We are in the minority who are bummed. Most of the public is eccstatic and thrilled there isn't any snow. I see those comments online.
  6. Agree. I hate cloudy and mild in the winter. I would much rather have sun if it's going to be mild.
  7. Forget snowstorm.. Begging for even an inch. Even a dusting would be nice. It's really bizarre the complete lack of snowfall up here, not even flurries or snow showers, except for that event in Dec that bagged me 3-4 inches. Back in the day with snow droughts, I remember TV mets would say "cheer up snow lovers, mother nature has a way of balancing things out, be patient." Not sure about that balancing reassurance nowadays
  8. Not holding my breath. Chasing the carrot is getting tiring.
  9. I am choosing to be patient for snow and enjoy going outside without freezing my whatever off. Here where I live, only 3-4 inches so far for the season. Let's see what happens eventually.
  10. Just give me one big snow and I won't mind an early Spring.
  11. We never learn the lesson to not give any psychological weight, any emotional investment into forecasts beyond 5 days, no matter how loud the hype or how strong the signal.
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