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  1. It's just like how we over performed in the January storm getting 15 inches when forecasted much less..
  2. Congrats to those who over performed. I think around 5 inches here in Poughkeepsie. Not complaining. It's beautiful out there
  3. Up here just north of 84, even 4 inches seems like a stretch now when this morning NWS was predicting 7-11. Unreal.
  4. We over performed in January and now we get shafted. Sigh.
  5. Going to get shafted up here in Poughkeepsie, 2-4, but I am happy for you coastal, NYC folks finally getting at least several inches.
  6. Kids will be upset that they may still have school tomorrow
  7. I think we are confidently shafted up here in Dutchess. 2-4 inches based on the latest HRRR.
  8. I am forecasting 2-12 inches. Depending on which model verifies.
  9. There needs to be an anti snow emoji reserved just for you. And please change your username to "rainman19"
  10. Epic winter where I lived in central Massachusetts. Jan 1987 was a record breaker for snowfall. Several feet of snowpack by the end of the month. As an 8th grader snow lover, I was in snow heaven. That Feb storm that missed to our south initially gave us a blizzard warning on a Sunday afternoon, hearing that on my NOAA weather radio. That one was a huge bust. Only a dusting with wind while the Cape got hammered.
  11. If only weather forecasting was as 100% predictable as his posts
  12. Color me shocked
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