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  1. Climate change has always occurred and will always continue to occur. It's my understanding there is concern that the sea level may rise approximately one meter during this current century. The below charts seem to indicate the sea level has been relatively stable for the past 5 or 6 thousand years, but should such stability be considered the norm in consideration of the earth's sea level history? An apparent resumption of sea level rise seems to have initiated during the industrial age. But the past significant sea level changes occurred entirely from natural causes, and IMO, the relative impact of man's activity in comparison to all other natural causes to significantly affect future sea levels is still debatable.
  2. T 76, DP 74, thick, unpleasant air. Smoke from our back yard pyrotechnics just hung in the yard. And as an old army vet still celebrating Independence Day, it brought to mind those soldiers engaged this same time of year in 1778, in even hotter, adverse conditions at the Battle of Monmouth.
  3. Thanks for the response. After communicating with AmbientWeather Help, I learned that only the outdoor instruments of the 1401 kit are displayed on Weather Underground. I connected with and am now showing both the outdoor and indoor data.
  4. Question about Ambient Weather WS-1401. I have been using weather underground for computer display and cannot figure out how to get the indoor sensor displayed on the computer. Any help much appreciated.
  5. With today's weather........ the entire congregation seems at peace..................
  6. T-82 DP-48 a few passing clouds and a light breeze. Very pleasant summer day.
  7. T-72, DP-47, clear skies........perfect June weather!
  8. Bottomed out at 48. Currently T-61 DP-38, beautiful morning.
  9. T-47 .77" so far today after 1.96" yesterday. Light to moderate rain continues.
  10. T 48, down from 54 at midnight. 1.1 inches rain so far. Drizzle/light rain at present. Eastern Monmouth Co.
  11. Another cozy spring night on the coast with my bride of 44 years; gas fire lit, slow jazz on the speakers, our first Rose Breasted Grosbeak appearance in 40 years at the weather..... take your time!
  12. Topped off at T 79 / DP 66. Now at 75/63, eastern Monmouth Co. And first Cowbird of season on feeder this evening.