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  1. Stay with the focus on H5. Does the upper stream energy stay robust when it merges with the the lower stream as it arrives at the bottom of the troth? Small deviations will be consequential, and we won't have reliable indications until at least 12Z tomorrow. (I'm at the Holiday Inn evaluating all this)
  2. So that's what you use a sky hook for.....and after all these decades of uncertainty...........
  3. Finished up with 5.5". Just finished clearing the driveway, and what a beautiful morning outside!
  4. Currently clearing with T 63.1 D 52.8 here in N.E. Monmouth Co. Very nice early fall like morning. A.C. off for first time in weeks.
  5. Finished with 1.97" for the storm here in N.E. Monmouth Co. Convection overnight was modest. Currently clearing with T 63.1 D 52.8.
  6. It's the "sun angle"; just can't keep that oppressive heat discomfort this time of the season....LOL
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