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Torch Tiger

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1 hour ago, HoarfrostHubb said:

0.03” at KFIT.   I heard nothing.   Ground is wet

I've noticed over the years with this region of the country, when it comes to summer weather types there's a kind of 'budget' allowance that is a shoe-string in nature. Very little to go around...

We had ours two nights ago...when a forecast for maybe a mere passing shower turned into a line of pea hailin' multi-pulse CGers out of nowhere. 

Overnight it was S-SE allotment, while we get the .03's  

That's the budget for this week.  

We couldn't get last night action up here, because we've had our share already - symbolically speaking..  But it really does seem to fall like that around here..    Not allowed to have a heat wave without paying a persecution tax in form of 18 or 24 delaying BD front, being another example.  Or if we do have convection that even sniffs severe ...usually we manditory 3 days immediately ensuing with autumn DPs and -.5 diurnal averages.

...funny thing is, I was joking yesterday in that (unfortunate that all good intentions must lie in ruins) wasted thread space convection thread ...that the whole set up looked like a S orient anvil vomit for us and it smartly takes place - but overnight.. We'll see what happens today, but since both N and S are now even, that should pretty much leave nothing left ... lol. 

Ah hell... sometimes in the summer these morning misty miasmatic satellite inundations can thin ... mid mornings, and allow some destablizing..  we'll see.

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Looking at the rad history outta OKX overnight .. kinda smacks like the convection preferentially occurred where the sun worked over all those 70 DP readings yesterday - recall, the heat was drier in nature N of the Pike and it seems the DP was having trouble actually penetration much N of that ~ axis until very late yesterday.   We did finally get more dewy here late in the evening, but the activity was already sparking off S of the Pike and choking off what probably was not a very deep fully integrated theta-e/unstable layering still lingering nearing Rt poop ...

Just a quick rip-and-read post mortem on that eruption.  

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51 minutes ago, dendrite said:

Down to 66.3° for a low and breezy so we still haven’t advected the real soup up here. 

Some day ..some how ... maybe when Quantum Mechanics becomes the entire method of observation, exposing a reality that happens beneath the emergence ( illusion?) we perceive for our ability of observance in nature ... that there are in fact different kinds of cold and warm fronts that in total, combine to make the one's that traditional/conventional means to define boundaries in the atmosphere never could see. 

Your ob sounds like a candidate scenario for that "science fiction" - you are not on the south side of that QM boundary lol.  

Seriously, sometimes it seems like there are really boundaries that just aren't defined by physical meteorology.  They're almost like "tendency boundaries"

Actually, 'spooky action at a distance', a quotelet that roots to the earlier days of QM, might even impel a definition like, 'INtendency boundaries'  

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1 hour ago, CoastalWx said:

Chances for more this aftn

For your area - hope there's some excitement.  We're done here, with a bit over 0.4".  No thunder, just a nice (though less than half what was needed) garden rain.  Aroostook had some storms earlier, saw on FB that Route 1 was closed due to damage in Monticello, a few miles north of HUL.  Last month's washout in Cyr Plantation is still under repair, though there's been a temporary crossing since a few days after that storm.

Edit:  That Aroostook deluge came May 27-28, not early June.  Van Buren, closest to the washout, had 4.93", Fort Kent 3.30", CAR only 1.40".

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3 minutes ago, moneypitmike said:

Some will sleep more comfortably than others tonight.

Screenshot 2022-07-02 12.28.06 PM.png

We’ve had some ridiculous dewy summers lately but this one so far has shown the opposite at least up this way.

Maxed briefly at 65F dew up here last evening and then got beaten back very fast to 50-52F today. The number of hours at that 65F threshold has been near nil it seems.  It just gets crushed fast by the lower heights in Canada.

I don’t mind that look if the dew bros in SNE can dig it while it’s dry up here lol.


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