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Torch Tiger

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18 minutes ago, moneypitmike said:

Some will sleep more comfortably than others tonight.


Screenshot 2022-07-02 12.28.06 PM.png

Yeeah I'm not completely sold on the DPs hanging in like that along the coastal plain ...N of NYC's latitude. 

I've seen this countless times. When an active well-mixing west wind is situated in a prefrontal environment, such as what's going on right now, too often we get a kind of quasi-dry line. It then sweeps east.  

KALB was 74 ...then 65, now 62 and the front is still west of there, so ...that could be some indication that we may peel the moisture away from the area -not always modeled well. 

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23 minutes ago, STILL N OF PIKE said:

Haven’t seen a traffic light or gas station so far . Gotta be a couple somewhere 

The last hostel out at Surfside got sold so there is literally nowhere on that island to stay under $400/night.

There is a Boy Scout camp on the island so I am going to plan a trip for the Greenfield Troop next summer.    $10/night for scouts and chaperones.

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Yea it’s been very dry here too. Rain barrel getting light.

Good news is the drought withers the tree leaves shading my vegetable garden, which gives them an extra 1-2 hr additional sunlight. I need direct sunlight more than the rain. Another 2 weeks of this and that will change though.

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