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  1. Dan76

    July 21-23 Hybrid/Coastal Storm

    East end getting whacked now
  2. I'm on the under he's gone by labor day
  3. Yes and Oct is Sept now more or less
  4. My yard to a tee lol
  5. Just heard the first cicada of the year.
  6. Dan76

    summer banter thread

    A change to sleet after rain...me likeeee.
  7. Dan76

    summer banter thread

    Thats why Reynolds channel is so deep in spots and parts of merrick and bellmore
  8. A lot is surface temp get an easterly or nw breeze and it would drop 3-5 deg but still dang warm. should be solid 80's come first part of Aug.
  9. Radar popping in forky land
  10. Dan76

    summer banter thread

    Usually people who like this weather don't work in it.