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April Pattern/obs thread.


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3 minutes ago, weatherwiz said:

When there is the chance for convection...

Clearing through the mornings equals afternoon severe thunderstorm warnings

Not exactly the traditional pattern for a haiku, but:


When there is the chance for convection

Clearing through the mornings

Equals afternoon severe thunderstorm warnings



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I'm singularly impressed ( actually ) at how well this warm frontal sag/BD combination was predetermined by the guidance.   Picked up on it days in advance really. 

I'm wondering if the warm frontal/synoptic sagging helped them by 'guiding a BD in' ... either way, there are definitely two boundaries in reality, though WPC is only analyzing for one of them.

Either way, right down to the dimensional layout from three or four days out .. is pretty damn good considering the meso-beta scaling of this. 

The PP S of and N of SNE is essentially the same. There really only one factor promoting this set up today, and I suspect it is curl around the topography.  Flags around here are dangling without much wobble. It's classic month of Anus still mank

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