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  1. It’s only a few towns away from me but I didn’t even know it was there. I have a sister who is an accordion enthusiast (and player). I wonder whether she even knows about that place. Thanks for posting about it…
  2. I 'seent' it... Nice, but can't unsee it.
  3. Where might be a good vantage point in Danbury for viewing incoming storms? Near the mall? Or the corporate park area on the hill to the east of the mall? Or Danbury Airport? Or?
  4. At least in Washington Depot (Litchfield County CT) it looks a whole lot more impressive on the radar and the lightning map than it does in reality.
  5. Just saw that warning - it’s only a few towns away from here (Washington Depot) - when the most intense part of the storm went thru here a few minutes ago it was kinda ‘meh’ - maybe a few miles and local terrain makes a big difference.
  6. Is that photo using HDR? It has that 'HDR feel' to it... I like it... I haven't been to Mohawk Mountain since maybe 2017 or 2018 but I think that I know exactly where you took the photo from...
  7. Thunder and rain just to the west of me... Caught me by surprise...
  8. I always look forward to your heads-up threads about upcoming potential severe WX. Whether or not they actually materialize, a guy can always hope, can't he?
  9. Strange to be hearing pinging here - surprised…
  10. Mayday mayday mayday… Um, well, not really an emergency, never mind…
  11. The lightning map shows strikes just now appearing in the extreme northwest corner of CT.
  12. Not exactly the traditional pattern for a haiku, but: When there is the chance for convection Clearing through the mornings Equals afternoon severe thunderstorm warnings
  13. Nobody told me there would be thunder. (Well, there's not very much of it, and it's not particularly loud, either.) Still, pleasantly surprised.
  14. I haven’t heard any thunder yet but it sure looks like the lightning strikes are headed in this direction… OK - spoke too soon - first thunder heard… Pretty tame - is that all there is, or will there be a second act? (he wondered, wonderingly)
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