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2021 Mid-Atlantic First Freeze Contest


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Fall is here and it's time to open up this year's contest.

You are forecasting the first day the temperature reaches 32F at BWI, IAD, DCA, and RIC.  Tiebreaker is maximum 1 day precipitation at BWI in October.  

This thread will lock at midnight October 5th so you have just over a week!

Happy freezing! 


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DCA: 11/15 

IAD: 10/23

BWI: 10/23

RIC: 10/23

Tiebreaker: 1.24"


Quick question, if one of these winters happens to be a "freezless" one for DCA (might take a while but geez we're close), would a guess for the following year (ex: DCA: 11/15/22) be considered valid? Seems like everyone else's departures for DCA would effectively evict them from the running. Considering the circumstances of that happening.. maybe I'm nitpicking at the little things? Time will tell :sizzle:

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