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  1. Looking at the radar reminded me of the exact same thing. Just a few miles further east.
  2. BWI : 16.2 DCA : 10.6 IAD : 17.3 RIC : 8.9 Tiebreaker. SBY : 13.4
  3. Thunder is already loud despite the storm not here yet.
  4. It's been awhile since I've heard this much thunder with no storm within 20-30 miles.
  5. Several hours at the most other than we could see an mcs coming out of Chicago that morning . Hrrr probably did the best job. In general, even the high res guidance have a hard time picking up on the timing and trajectory of mcs systems.
  6. Exactly, now if we can just get the winds backed at the surface.
  7. IAD: 3.7" DCA: 0.6" RIC: 1.6" BWI: 3.9" MBY: 2.4"
  8. You guys are thinking of Dec 8, 10 and 14 of 2013. North and west did well cities did not do as good.
  9. Totality looks great. We lucked out on this one unlike Sept 2015 where clouds blocked most of the event.
  10. Moon almost halfway covered, hoping for at least some copper or red color.
  11. Just came here cause I have family in the southeast affected by this storm but looks like I visited here at the wrong time. Anyways looks like the Charlotte area will be close between snow and sleet.
  12. Just a few light flurries here.
  13. It was windy for a little while here. LoL at that meso a few minutes ago between Herndon and Reston.
  14. FFC should have issued flood watches for at least the southern portions of the Atlanta metro area this morning as it was becoming clear that these heavy bands on the western side storm would interact with the front was being shown by a lot of the guidance. Most of the area currently under the flood waning was never under a watch.