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  1. March Discobs Thread

    NWS said we would have wind gust to 24 mph today. I think they dropped the ball on that one. The winds are sustained in the 20s and gusting to 36 mph. It's really blowing out there!!
  2. But then again, I have no idea why you would say that, I will not judge. But know, we are here for you!
  3. I can not even imagine that snow is the only thing that makes one happy.... There is plenty in life to make one happy!!
  4. I am still here because I like tracking as well. I am no pro like some here, but enjoy just the same. But I have had snow, but I would still be here anyways. I love the teaching it gives to me and can be quite entertaining at the same time!! #winwin
  5. Or maybe, Forums Adult Beverage of Choice during GFS 18z Happy Hour.
  6. Oh, the stories I could tell you!! Especially the southern wine trail back several years ago. But I do not want to turn our "STORM" in to a chasing wine instead! LOL But I have had so many wonderful adventures doing so. It is more rewarding than snow has been to DC!! PM me any time. I would be happy to help!!
  7. I did a California coast wine cruise a couple of years ago. Had a great time!! I am a red myself. I like a Cab. Franc or a Pinot Noir. There is a Petit Verdot from DuCard Vineyards that is amazing!! It is a reserve from I think 2010. Pricey, but well worth it! Summer time comes and I think I may go to whites, but I always reach for the reds, or go to a GT. I do like a good gin. BTW, VA has some excellent reds. I am a fan of winerys and have been to 128 across the state so far. Another fun hobby!!
  8. I see many that love their craft beers and some like a cocktail, any Virginia Wine... wine drinkers around here? That is my beverage of choice!
  9. I live in Prince George, VA.... 25 miles SE of Richmond. Mine bloomed the end of the 2nd week of February. My Hosta plants are already breaking through the ground, rose bushes fully leafed, and the Daffodills are in bloom. This area is screwed for a pretty spring.
  10. My plum tree already blossomed. No plums for me this year.
  11. March 11-12 Storm - Model Discussion STORM MODE

    Thank you!! I wish you guys could have cashed in as well. It's a much happier forum when we all get to see snow!! BTW, I edited my post, Richmond is NW of me. If you know where I95 and I85 intersect, I am about 15 miles due east.
  12. March 11-12 Storm - Model Discussion STORM MODE

    Average snowfall for Prince George, VA is 6". So yes, well above average. Richmond, 25 miles NW is 11" per year. We have had 4 events, 5", 8", 3", and now 2".
  13. March 11-12 Storm - Model Discussion STORM MODE

    I hate to even say it after the year DC has had this winter. But I stand at 18" if you include the December snow.
  14. March 11-12 Storm - Model Discussion STORM MODE

    After watching rain, then to white rain for 2.5 hours, Prince George finally started having stickage to everything!! Ended up with 2".
  15. Richmond Metro/Hampton Roads Discussion

    Heavy snow here in Prince George. Started around 1pm or so, but it took a couple of hours to begin to stick. The yard is almost covered with temperature at 33. Roads are only wet and I live in a rural area. I think it is just a matter of time before the roads cave as we move into the evening hours.