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  1. Another pity MD from SPC for the RIC area. 40% for a watch. Hoping the cells to my west hold together!
  2. Seems like far as radar, returns have been SW to NE, but last few frames have been a more W to E movement, I hope so because if not, MBY is not getting much next few hours far QP and with out that, nodda!
  3. Not looking good for my area. Major dry slot. The way this storm looked so juiced up to the south, did not work out here. Is this a case of the south robbing moisture? I know that has happened with past storms.
  4. And I am not going by models, this is looking at real time radar.
  5. And once it gets here, looks to be only 2 counties wide pushing thru. Then we get slotted..... rain. Not looking good.
  6. Well, some models did well. Looks like I get a band of snow followed by a dry slot, then cold rain. That is for RIC. Hope I am wrong, but not looking pretty!
  7. So, when is your next available appointment? After this storm, I may need some positive thinking therapy! LOL. Still waiting for the virga to go away and actually see some weather.
  8. That is not a snow hole. The radar is just not showing virga over the Richmond area. It will fill in.
  9. Can we widen the view to include the RIC area? TYIA if so!
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