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  1. Not the norm but we have had a left hook in the past.
  2. That is far as the 00z GFS showing.
  3. That is one sharp left turn into Va and then decides to visit all the Commonwealth.
  4. But the article also says this which is bad information to be sending out. While the track of Hurricane Irma is still uncertain, it appears increasingly likely that Virginia will see significant impacts from this record-setting storm. The entire Commonwealth must prepare for the possible flooding, high winds, and potential storm surge that could come along with a storm of this magnitude.
  5. Far as Jeff live stream
  6. new link please
  7. Had a very good severe weather day, today. But I am not northern Va, wish you all would remember that central Va is part of your area of discussion.
  8. But, it really has snowed. RIC had a really nice snow this year. But I know we are forgotten territoty. But we are okay with that!!
  9. Actually, long range, I have seen very inaccurate. It seems to me the best range here lately is the 5-7 day.
  10. Well, it is showing something not good in the 10 days out, which it normally shows a good pattern at this range which never seems to happen, so maybe a little reverse thinking may be a good thing?
  11. Snow coming down here pretty good right now. Maybe getting close to the 4-5" mark.
  12. Not sure where to post. I live 25 miles SE of Richmond, Va. We are getting a really nice snow here right now!! A few inches so far, and predicted close to 10" or so.Very cold out, 24 degrees so it is a light, fluffy snow. Congrats!!! to all those in the SE and Deep South that had a nice snow tonight!!!
  13. Getting bigger flakes now. Quite cold at 25. Ground is now covered. From looking at radar, should start getting a bit crazy soon!
  14. Not sure about Raleigh, but it is all snow here.
  15. I really hope you guys cash in with some of this snow. I feel like I am in no mans land being here in the RVA since most are from NVA/DCA. Light snow for a while, with a dusting or so. Heavy stuff should be here in a couple of hours. Trying to stay awake!!