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  1. Had a very good severe weather day, today. But I am not northern Va, wish you all would remember that central Va is part of your area of discussion.
  2. But, it really has snowed. RIC had a really nice snow this year. But I know we are forgotten territoty. But we are okay with that!!
  3. Actually, long range, I have seen very inaccurate. It seems to me the best range here lately is the 5-7 day.
  4. Well, it is showing something not good in the 10 days out, which it normally shows a good pattern at this range which never seems to happen, so maybe a little reverse thinking may be a good thing?
  5. Snow coming down here pretty good right now. Maybe getting close to the 4-5" mark.
  6. Not sure where to post. I live 25 miles SE of Richmond, Va. We are getting a really nice snow here right now!! A few inches so far, and predicted close to 10" or so.Very cold out, 24 degrees so it is a light, fluffy snow. Congrats!!! to all those in the SE and Deep South that had a nice snow tonight!!!
  7. Getting bigger flakes now. Quite cold at 25. Ground is now covered. From looking at radar, should start getting a bit crazy soon!
  8. Not sure about Raleigh, but it is all snow here.
  9. I really hope you guys cash in with some of this snow. I feel like I am in no mans land being here in the RVA since most are from NVA/DCA. Light snow for a while, with a dusting or so. Heavy stuff should be here in a couple of hours. Trying to stay awake!!
  10. Trying to stay awake here in PG, the main show should be here soon. I hate when the best of the snow falls when I really need to sleep though!! Maybe open another bottle of wine will help?
  11. When it comes to my location, I am one of those that are in no mans land. I am really considered Mid Atlantic, Since I live not far outside the city of Richmond. Just 25 miles south east. But I like this map!! I have been a member here for a long time, but had to do a new membership, with new email, since my other email fried my last computer. So, not a newbie here. Here isto hoping this goes a little more north and west so we can all enjoy a nice snow!!