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Dec 16-17, 2019 snow-sleet glaze OBSERVATIONS ONLY


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This thread is for obs only, keeping it a swift read-check for anyone wanting to see how much has fallen, including any NWS/Media. 

Also, attached is a final NOHRSC snowfall analysis for our Dec 11 event, which now properly reflects the NYC reality of sub 1 inch. 

Thank you very much to all who have added data to the prior obs threads.


Screen Shot 2019-12-14 at 9.17.39 AM.png

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5 hours ago, David-LI said:

I believe this thread is missing the "OBSERVATION" wording in the title. It seems we have two discussion threads for the same storm.

Hi David,

We have a discussion thread for the storm and and an "OBS only" thread.  That simplifies for users to find out what's going on, without all the model discussion slowing the review.  I know I like to cut to the chase of what has occurred, including upstream.  And If the media or NWS look at this, they may pick up on something they weren't;t already aware of.    Example a NWS process; that would be Forecast Discussions (AFD) for one, and the Local Storm Report (LSR) or Public Information Statement (PNS) summaries for the other.

I abbreviate observation(S) using OBS...to shorten the headline. 



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Presently sleeting/pinging. I relived my youth by going out front and eyeballed the street light, cutting the glare with the sycamore branches, sleet, rain, could be some flakes but that’s probably more a wish than an observation. My 40 year old clock face dial unscientific and just as reliable thermometer was at 38 degrees. As always....

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