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  1. By next week we should have something really interesting with decent airmass and +pna and a nice ridge out west should produce for us next week in my opinion
  2. Cause I heard it was a weenie run. I’m just going to make an account if that cheap and cancel in april thank you guys
  3. I don’t have money like that I was asking for a favor
  4. Does anyone have the euro control from 12z?
  5. What did I miss today? I forgot my phone at home and didn’t track? Any potential for next week cause I seen saturdays storm it’s gone!
  6. ULL going north is bad news for the coast right?
  7. How’s it look for us down at the coast? RAIN!?
  8. What’s up with the eps any change?
  9. What day was that I was trying to look that up?