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  1. NYCweatherNOW

    Autumn 2019 Banter Thread

    Fiancé now haha
  2. NYCweatherNOW

    Autumn 2019 Banter Thread

    My wife is a teacher too Anthony. They got the best schedule. Our wedding was in November though, and we just had a baby in June so she was off the whole three months, now my mom babysits p.s. I hope my son is as enthusiastic about weather as I am!
  3. If the GfS is right today is the real last day of heat, and I believe it’s wrong for many reasons being inconsistent reasoning number one. It’s always flopping back and forth! Euro and Canadian still have some good heat for next week.
  4. NYCweatherNOW

    Autumn 2019 Banter Thread

    Congrats Anthony. Wish you a lifetime of happiness, health, love and lots of babies. God bless you guys
  5. No sign of 90’s for Central Park for the rest of the month. Yes big time heat but no 90’s and around October 6th looks like the cold weather actually rolls in
  6. Perfect weather can’t get a better weekend than this. 85 currently
  7. So move there. Dallas is probably a better choice
  8. That’s true I should have specified about the euro. I checked it after. So the chance is still there. I say bring on the 90’s if it’s not going to rain.
  9. Gfs lost the heat completely for late September
  10. The latest computer models lowered the heat probabilities for late September and early October for our area getting any 90’s. It’ll be above average nonetheless. Enjoy the most perfect weather for the next few days at least. Currently 72 at 10am with low 52 humidity going up to 82 degrees or so.
  11. Dude it’s practically 300 hours away haven’t you learned!
  12. NYCweatherNOW

    Autumn 2019 Banter Thread

    This weather is the best!
  13. It’ll be dry heat at least. 35% humidity level so at least it’ll feel that much. 89-90?
  14. Bro it’s a shower that’ll amount to a trace! Lol
  15. Thank Goodness it’s dry this time of the year, you’ve got the best weather of the year coming up enjoy it, we’ll get plenty of rain once it really cools down in mid October!