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  1. Yes but September and October this year in my opinion won’t torch, instead they will be cooler than other years. You do have the remainder of July and August to torch. Plenty of torching here. It hasn’t been terrible this year it’s been a dry heat type of summer thank goodness
  2. Half of the summer is over!
  3. This weather is decent if you’re at the beach or next to the pool otherwise it’s stay at home with the AC blasting. September can’t come early enough but those nights are getting longer already so sooner than later the hot air will diminish!
  4. Hot day for 4th of July perfect. I’m going to the pool today this will be the only day this summer that I go to pool cause i have a newborn that I have to take care of!
  5. Yankees are the worst can’t believe they lost that game. They really are a bad team, and are not going anywhere this year even though everyone swears by them....and please no more rain until August.
  6. Too hot but at least in the shade your okay, no humidity what so ever 87 here
  7. Weather is nasty today. Tomorrow much drier and warmer. I don’t mind the heat when it’s dry when but when it’s humid like a steam bath it’s nasty. It is drying out though so tonight will be a nice night
  8. I disagree I think this summer ends up hot and dry. It’s been wet and cool.
  9. Perfect weather today... this is what summer days should look like 78 with 37% humidity dry sunny weather. Enjoy it it looks like a good stretch of weather coming up!
  10. At least it’ll be cool rain not the warm humid rain you usually get this time of the year.
  11. NYCweatherNOW

    Jones Beach Weather Observations

    https://www.weatherbug.com/weather-forecast/now/jones-beach-ny-13152 This is where I get it before I go to the beach. Robert Moses is a better beach though in my opinion.
  12. This weather is perfect Anthony
  13. It’s a million miles away, I would wait until Monday to get a clearer picture!
  14. I think the models correct themselves the next few days and starts drying out...
  15. As long as it’s wet and not warm and humid. That’s the worst weather hot and humid. Tomorrow Ramadan ends and it looks like the weather will start changing around!