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  1. It’s not about being right or wrong, we consistently tell everyone that models past a few days are a toss up. This year has been exceptionally unlucky with snow but that doesn’t mean anything I still don’t trust models showing a snowstorm for next week or a warm much as a snow weenie I am I still have to keep calm and let it play out
  2. One thing I noticed some of the guys on here. If it shows warm and rain the next 15 days, we should accept it cause it’s for sure going to happen but if it’s cold and dry or cold and snowy it ain’t happening it’s 15 days away. It’s kinda biased and annoying for anyone reading through! Anyway it’s 36 and cold in midtown feels like February just doesn’t look like it
  3. ITS COMING! The geese have spoken and the dream will make the snowfall records broken
  4. These are my predictions for the big upcoming snowstorm, and they are in the banter because i had a dream this snowstorm happened so it is purely for entertainment purposes. Boston 18 inches, New York City 10 inches philly 3 inches
  5. Bust haven’t gotten a drop just a bit of mist. Just the northern area got a little and Long Island got a brief downpour. The main event was in north New England
  6. Wouldn’t call today a wet Tuesday. Haven’t seen a drop. Later we’ll get mainly a couple of passing light showers. The timeframe for the snow potential is after that wave
  7. I think your mind thought they were flying East but in fact they weren’t even there you were hallucinating.
  8. I see bxengine deleted my posts, the geese went south yesterday expect snow in two weeks (March 1st) maybe a few days before or after... if it doesn’t happen don’t ever listen to me again... fair enough?
  9. Perfect outside sunny and frigid 27 degrees!
  10. It’s snowing in armonk with a temperature outside my window at 33.6 starting to whiten the ground
  11. Why did I get suspended? I don’t understand who this guy @BxEngine but he doesn’t know what he’s doing. I’d like to speak to a supervisor. I don’t even know why I got suspended I need an explanation here, it’s so annoying this guy clearly doesn’t like me and he can get away with it. It isn’t fair to decent guy like me. @Rjay could you explain to me why I got suspended for the last week?
  12. About everything, give it a rest and read more and post less