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  1. Are models showing a PV drop next week over the US? At least that's what it looks like on the canadian
  2. If this storm that had only about an hour of constant strong wind gusts did this kind of damage, imagine what a hurricane 3 would do to our region.
  3. If anyone would like a really good doppler radar software, I'm posting a link for GRLevel3. You get a 14 day trial. Make sure to select Upton as your site. http://www.grlevelx.com/grlevel3_2/
  4. Heard a transformer blow up near my job in Great Neck, LI. Branches down. Very strong gusts.
  5. HRRR and 6z NAM trended very dry east of the city. Based on these runs LI does not go over half an inch of rain. Still rather windy.
  6. Dude should at least wear a helmet. Any debris at that speed will probably cause some serious damage.
  7. What time does the Ukie run? Any updates? Sorry for asking I know it's on the website somewhere
  8. It doesn't get real for me until all cellphones in my house start blaring with alerts
  9. 0z NAM showing with stronger winds for the coast this run it seems. Can any1 confirm? I'm terrible at reading maps, specially being colorblind