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  1. Someone please explain what is this pacific jet and how it affects our winter? Thanks
  2. I don’t mind. In my opinion I believe having such a dynamic climate makes it less boring. It’s not often but we get blizzards, hurricanes, tornadoes.
  3. Really hoping the pattern is not rain followed by freezing cold followed by rain and so on and on. rather not have any snow than teens temperatures for days followed by a rainstorm
  4. I hope the 12z Canadian is on to something for Wednesday. Looks good. Anyone got the Canadian clown maps?
  5. euro with an overruning event next Wednesday. An inch or two for now.
  6. euro still with a storm signal around the 14-15th
  7. Has there been winters where NYC metro got more snow than Albany for example, or Buffalo?
  8. Our next best chance for a storm according to 12z euro seems to be around the 14th-15th.
  9. GFS and euro look completely different for next week. Definitely rain for Mon-Tue on both, followed by a possible storm for the weekend.
  10. Wait a second, 5th straight day? Yesterday was sunny and clear. You saw snow yesterday?
  11. Mood flakes here in Great Neck, north Nassau County
  12. When was the last time we had a HECS? 2016?