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  1. Soaking for SNE and Long Island? We must be looking at different model runs then.
  2. Can anyone explain why the storms on the map are moving north- northeast but the clouds here are going south lol
  3. There were a lot of CTG lightning north Nassau for a good 15 minutes.
  4. Just wanted to share a website to track live lightning strikes Live lightning tracking
  5. Latest HRRR brings the precipitation north
  6. Euro with a 978 low right near the BM Friday morning. Not sure how it reflects on the surface. Anyone with more details?
  7. Which weather model was the best to predict how this storm turned out?
  8. From past storms I noticed that 3k NAM is usually cooler than the other two. Why is that?
  9. It seemed that way but changes to rain. Looks like 6-8" before changeover.
  10. Could anyone post a more detailed snow map for last GFS run?
  11. 12z GFS is all snow and a bit stronger than last run.