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  1. end of run dry slotted
  2. Hi, I'd hate to break any rules so I would like to ask if I can share a link to a sub reddit I created to discuss weather in my region. Thank you.
  3. So he's predicting a thaw period from Jan 9 - 17 and a a storm event between Jan 22-Feb 15? Three months from now? Sorry I don't buy it.
  4. That second low right off the coast will surprise us tomorrow night. That’s the issue with the guidance disagreement. Neither are wrong , it’s just that there are two lows not one.
  5. The server is having issues handling traffic
  6. 02z HRRR is west and 1-2 mb lower than the crazy 00z run lol
  7. Based off 12z NAM, most rainfall occurs overnight tonight into tomorrow. Winds don't seem to be very strong until late in the evening tomorrow as the low pivots back.
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