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  1. Just under an inch here of wet snow.
  2. 32 here with moderate snow. A quick coating. That’s added to the 0.3” in the front end so called thump this morning.
  3. Totally agree, thank you Rodger and happy New Years to everyone!
  4. 30/30 and cloudy currently. Forecast is for 2-4, hoping to see 1-3.
  5. I second that. Happy new year’s everyone! and away we go
  6. Just to the south and west is Storm King mtn. There too it goes up over 1k in spots. Could have issues there also.
  7. DCA: +3.8 NYC +3.7 BOS: +3.9 ORD: +2.6 ATL: +1.9 IAH: +0.7 DEN: +0.6 PHX: +1.0 SEA: +1.9
  8. Quick coating here too. What a swing, roughly a 30 degree temperature drop in 24 hours. Total of 2.13 in the bucket for the rain portion of this event. Ending this Christmas Day as a white Christmas