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  1. DCA: +2.1 NYC: +2.0 BOS: +1.8 ORD: +1.9 ATL: +1.1 IAH: +2.6 DEN: +2.7 PHX: +2.0 SEA: + 0.6
  2. Over this way last night had 0.18 with only a rumble of thunder. Event total ( includes last nights ) 0.24 as of 6am.
  3. I’m going to put away the snow shovels to help this thing along
  4. Total of 0.20 in the bucket since noon Friday thru noon today.
  5. 0.20 in the bucket since noon Friday thru noon Monday (today)
  6. Horse farms were often visited by many folks to take from their compost piles for garden use and that was back in the 70’s that I remember. The farmers were more than happy to get rid of it.
  7. Hope you not finding it on the bottoms of your shoes. And I’m not referring to the twigs
  8. Yup big difference. I was at my daughters home in Goshen yesterday and it’s just starting to turn green there with little growth.
  9. Walt’s post from the April thread, No thread on my part but three more opportunities for snow lurk in our subforum. later tonight ne PA/nw NJ, probably no big deal tho 1/2" possible higher terrain ne PA. Then the 9th-11th (next Fri-Sun), Potential for a pretty big long duration periodic rain event (1"+) with wind (40kt) for a part of the sub forum coast with high terrain wet snow possible. Ensembles don't favor snow, certainly nothing like the 00z/3 EC snow depth forecast (just nw NYC). There's even something during mid month? Keeping an eye on it. Figure future modeling will shrink the snow, not sure the sizable storm will disappear in what appears to me to be a favorable blocking pattern for a slow mover somewhere along the Mid Atlantic Coast.