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  1. Agree, it will take awhile for the pac jet to get shifted. So maybe we can get an occasional snow shower/mood flakes. It’s too early in the season to start pulling hairs out of our heads watching each model run. As for the jets, this season they could play sloppy inside a closed dome
  2. Mood flakes here currently. Had a quick coating yesterday on grassy surfaces that quickly melted. Maybe I can beat yesterday’s and get a trace of accumulation today.
  3. Nice, let’s see what future runs show. 06z GFS is showing a few events too (mostly liquid) always subject to change of course.
  4. DCA _NYC _BOS __ ORD _ATL _IAH ____ DEN _PHX _SEA 1.4 0.1 0.4 1.7 1.3 1.1 2.3 1.2 2.7 DCA _NYC _BOS __ ORD _DTW _BUF ____ DEN _ SEA _ BTV 12.0 31.0 30.5 33.5 32.5 68.5 59.5 5.5 77.0
  5. Drove thru a snow squall around 11:30 this morning while driving thru Walden. A quick dusting on most surfaces.
  6. 06z GFS is showing something at that time. Subject to change of course. We’ll see.
  7. No flakes here yet. Low of 22 last night (actually around 6am this morning).
  8. 27 was the low here. Same with the heavy frost and a good amount of plants took a beating.
  9. DCA: +0.3 NYC: +0.6 BOS: +0.2 ORD: +0.6 ATL: +1.2 IAH: +0.2 DEN: +0.9 PHX: +1.8 SEA: +0.8
  10. He could be making the whole story up because it could have been a total blur
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