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  1. Wow, I haven’t heard of that condition before. Wishing her well and speedy recovery. Hope all is well with you Rjay.
  2. Glad to hear the tests came back negative . Hopefully tomorrow will be nicer weather to get out for a walk or a ride on the bike cycle.
  3. Good to hear your both feeling alright. Thoughts and prayers for you both and your tests coming back negative.
  4. DCA +0.9 NYC +0.8 BOS +0.7 ORD +0.3 ATL +0.9 IAH +0.7 DEN +0.3 PHX -0.1 SEA -0.4
  5. Changing back to sleet here. Another coating of ice pellets in the last hour. Temp down to 32. It’s looking like the temps are busting on the low side.
  6. The yard raking you did the other day jinxed it.
  7. Flipping back and forth between ice pellets and snow currently. Large flakes and pellets. Ground is covered along with the roadway with grapple. 34 degerees edit, now all moderate snow.
  8. That should be enough to jinx it. I was going to put my snowblower away and open up the pool here is today’s 18z silly NAM
  9. Something to track over the next few days!
  10. Something to watch instead of sports re-runs. We’ll see, stay healthy!
  11. We’ll see how it unfolds. It will be like threading a needle at this time of the season. Plenty of model runs before this event.
  12. Here is the GEM thru 132 hours for the first event. Pretty much in line with the euro and GFS.
  13. Wonder if that fire was caused by a “hotbox” (rail car issue along the train tracks) the top photo shows a long line of small fires along the train tracks in the fires early stages.
  14. DCA +3.4 NYC +3.6 BOS +3.5 ORD +3.7 ATL +1.8 IAH +1.7 DEN +0.6 PHX -0.2 SEA +0.3