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  1. No lightning here, but we received area wide beneficial rains.
  2. I wonder if orographics has added to the higher totals here to your east?
  3. You also add to our verifications. It's funny too see the radar estimates for our area are around 1 to 1.5".
  4. Agree with you there on the the ground just below the surface being dry. The creeks and streams didn't rise so much here, most of it absorbed into the dry grounds. With the I90 area, I was up in the Warrensburg/Lake George area fishing last weekend and the weather was beautiful vs today. The lakes and streams were lower than normal up there so they will benefit too.
  5. Agree with the winds, not too bad here. Don't need the trees coming down with the saturated ground. I guess we jackpotted with the precip.
  6. 3.26 is my total here. Very impressive. The last hour I got just about an inch.
  7. At 10:00 pm I'm at 985 mb and have 2.40 in the bucket. Not much in the wind catagory tho ( in a sheltered area).
  8. Haven't seen a regional QPF map like this for awhile. We'll see what verifies later tomorrow.