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  1. My timelapse from yesterdays thunderstorm as it moved across southern Brooklyn and Queens.
  2. My Timelapse from yesterday.
  3. Thunderstorms dumping flooding rain and hail over new Jersey before it moved into NYC earlier this afternoon. We may do this again tomorrow.
  4. Looks like it may scoot just barely north of the city
  5. Hrrr says no but you never know.
  6. First time I've seen a clap of thunder set off car alarms
  7. Yeah I would not call it a bust to be honest. If the models DID NOT correct themselves leading up to yesterday then it would be a bust in my opinion. As others said the euro picked up on this. The NAM and the HRRR also picked up on it monday night as well. By yesterday morning the writing was on the wall before the event even started. The models are only tools.
  8. Baby storm heading for the city with some lightning.
  9. We may actually have more storms tomorrow morning than we did today.
  10. You should have seen may 20th when I was chasing in Oklahoma. It was a high risk day by the spc. We saw a tornado but the high risk did not come close to verifying.
  11. Agreed. It should be canceled at this point. The models handled this setup poorly. Unfortunately it happens from time to time.
  12. Thunderstorms and flash flooding aren't out of the question today for our area. Wait until the event is over before calling a bust.
  13. What do you mean? They did cut back on the northern extent of the slight and marginal. The writing was on the wall yesterday
  14. I think they tighten up the northern extent of the marginal and slight
  15. I'm likely heading to SEPA for the chance of tornadoes. Might be a bit further south but it's definitely on the table IMO
  16. Certainly not something you see often in the Northeast. Tornado: 5% - Slight Wind: 30% - Enhanced Hail: 15% - Slight
  17. All modes of severe weather are possible Tuesday including tornadoes. I think the Philly area will be the center point and the slight risk may shift north. Wouldnt be surprised to see an enhanced risk Tuesday either if the forecast models hold its current course.
  18. Tuesday looks like our next chance for severe weather. Does not look like a bad setup either.
  19. Last evenings Aurora Borealis from the Adirondacks. Violet colored pillars filled the night sky as a weak geometric solar storm affected Earth. This was a new photography spot and dealing with the light pollution was very challenging.
  20. Keep your eyes to the sky tonight if you live in some of our dark northern suburbs. The Aurora Borealis may make an appearance. It's only forecasted to be a KP5 but it does surprise us sometimes. I will be photographing it from the Adirondacks if it makes an appearance
  21. We will see. Both the HRRR and 3kNAM have storms across the NYC Metro today. 3k NAM is more aggressive. Storms already firing up with some hail in the Hudson Valley.
  22. Most of areas that saw storms last night should see them storms again this evening.
  23. NycStormChaser

    July 2019 General Discussions & Observations Thread

    My latest time lapse video from the Ashokan Reservoir in the Catskill Mountains last evening. Mother Nature gave me some thunderstorms and a beautiful sunset. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NVBiVCS-h8o