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  1. Yeah a few models Including the European model say it's possible for Dorian to ride up the coast. We are leaving tomorrow morning for Florida. Plan on intercepting the eye / eyewall like we did with Michael.
  2. Starting to pack my bags.
  3. Westhampton may dip below 50 degrees tonight as per nws.
  4. It still gets dark at 740. Those leaves are always that color. Cmon dude.
  5. NycStormChaser

    Summer 2019 Banter Thread

    Very unlikely.
  6. All of last nights storm reports across the area on a zoom able map. http://www.nicholasisabella.com/lsr822/
  7. I downloaded the level II radar loop. Crazy to see all the storm reports pop up right behind the highest velocity returns.
  8. I think there's two areas of a possible tornado touch down on long Island.
  9. Sounds like a line from Belmore through Lindenhurst got hit pretty bad.
  10. Via Twitter. Lines up with what radar showed at the time.
  11. Look at that outflow
  12. The NHC has now recognized this area to watch as Invest #98L. It has a 30% chance of tropical formation within the next 5 days, which may take place off the East Coast of the US.