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  1. Why you continue to do this every storm is beyond me. This was always a minor to nothing event for most.
  2. The city should get 1 to 3 hours of snow from that batch to our west .
  3. Looking back at the past year, one of my favorite chase days of 2019 was May 28th in New Jersey. My chase partner Michael Koch and I were positioning ourselves for a tornado warned cell to our west that already put down a tornado in Pennsylvania when the storm right in front of us decided to drop a tornado as well. We heard the storm start to make a distinct sound and we knew a tornado was on the ground as power flashes began across Lake Hopatcong. We followed the storm as tornado warnings continued all the way to New York City and got to see lighting strike after strike over the skyline. .
  4. 16 degrees this morning in Midtown Manhattan
  5. One inch in Brooklyn Sent from my Samsung Note 8
  6. Definitely better than the first squall here in Staten Island.
  7. Wonder if we can get the stuff in NEPA to make it here. Sent from my Samsung Note 8
  8. Took this from work in Staten Island 20 min or so ago. Sent from my Samsung Note 8
  9. The duration of a snow squall doesn't dictate if a warning is needed. Reduced visibility even for 5 minutes could be an issue. Sent from my Samsung Note 8
  10. Pouring in Mt olive Township. Freezing rain at 29 degrees. Sent from my Samsung Note 8
  11. Yikes. Let's hope this doesn't verify. Sent from my Samsung Note 8
  12. In their latest discussion they expect Temps to rise Sent from my Samsung Note 8