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  1. I think this was always a threat for NYC / NE NJ into the Hudson Valley. Long Island was never really in the game.
  2. Yep. I was in a heavy snowstorm last May in the Catskills.
  3. NYC will definitely have frequent gusts at 35mph or higher for 3 hours. Not sure if they issue a warning though.
  4. I think it has to do with lack of resources and manpower. NYC can pay big money for lots of con ed workers on overtime to get power back asap. Some of these smaller cities and towns don't have that option so it takes longer.
  5. Our footage of a large waterspout turned tornado in Cape May County on Tuesday. It was just rated an EF1 but when we saw it as it’s biggest point I think it was stronger than that however it was over marsh land mostly (thankfully) so hard to gauge. Also footage of damage around Bay Ridge Brooklyn from the wind. https://youtu.be/FkrDyQjjmKE
  6. Shelf cloud from Asbury Park. Here is a quick timelapse to go with it:
  7. Finished up with 4 inches in Margaretville. Most was from a narrow but heavy band early this morning.
  8. Snow coming down nicely now in the Catskills. Sticking to grassy surfaces. .
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