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  1. You are right , here in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn we are at 1.00 for the total but the heaviest rainfall rates were around 0.50 per hour , compared to torrential summer rain of 2-3 even 4 inches an hour it’s not that heavy. For a winter storm it would be considered heavy with 3-5 inch an hour snowfall rates but it’s all relative.
  2. My weather station in Brooklyn is showing crazy numbers 102 with a real feel of 129! it could be off with a degree or two but surrounding stations in the same range . With a west/northwest wind I believe it. I’m up in the Catskills now and we are at 89 with a stiff breeze.
  3. Upstate in the Catskills it’s been sunny and getting warm all morning . 86/76 feels like 95 here in Woodbourne, NY elevation 1,300ft. Should hit 90 here today and 94-95 tomorrow.
  4. Over 2 inches in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn. Still a mix of snow and sleet .
  5. 1.44 inches here in borough park Brooklyn
  6. Exactly an inch of rain here in borough park, Brooklyn
  7. Wow an over performing first snow. Easily 2-3 inches here in borough park, brooklyn. Getting lighter now still 32f.
  8. We got down to 33 f here in borough park Brooklyn for the low.
  9. 13.27 inches here past 30 days ,in Woodbourne, NY in The Catskills.
  10. I usually post from Brooklyn, but up here in my summer home in The Catskills, Woodbourne, NY to be more exact. The Catskills do very well ( unfortunately) with that firehose kind of setup. Anyway so Saturday night and Sunday we were ok with on and off light to moderate rain with 1.21 inches. That changed overnight , we picked up a whopping 4.67 inches most of is falling in 2-3 hours early this morning. With close to 6 inches in the last 36 hours , any additional rain and lots of it are expected ,we can be looking at serious floods up here. The Neversink River is very muddy and has been raging all day , the neversink reservoir which is 2-3 miles northwest of us is close to its floodgates ...
  11. 1010 wins AccuWeather Ups amounts , now saying 3-6 in northwest of the city, 6-10 city.10-16 Nassau and Suffolk counties
  12. Yeah I'm in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn it's taking forever to saturate the air and get snow to start falling here. It's snowing nicely on the south shore of Brooklyn and queens
  13. Lucky guy , you went up to the mountains for the weekend ?
  14. Just thinking that LGA temps are off, they are running way higher than any surrounding areas. Newark is usually the hot spot. Anybody else think that way?
  15. Hit 89 at my station in borough park , brooklyn today, always facinating that i get into my car in the south shore-five towns area and its 75 and by the time i get back to brooklyn its 15 degrees warmer, a degree per mile or so.