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  1. Snowing hard in Bensonhurst Brooklyn again , almost as bad as during the squall, much colder and sticking to everything now temps in the upper 20s.
  2. Sleet here in Bensonhurst Brooklyn , 36f.
  3. Since the November 15th debacle of last year , NYC has been salting and sanding the roads to death every time there’s is chance for a flurry . Bad for the cars bad for the roads .
  4. I got 1.81 in the rain gage today , Bensonhurst, Brooklyn
  5. Snow falling here in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn , temps falling its 33 and falling towards to freezing mark. It’s sticking to colder surfaces .
  6. You are right , here in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn we are at 1.00 for the total but the heaviest rainfall rates were around 0.50 per hour , compared to torrential summer rain of 2-3 even 4 inches an hour it’s not that heavy. For a winter storm it would be considered heavy with 3-5 inch an hour snowfall rates but it’s all relative.
  7. My weather station in Brooklyn is showing crazy numbers 102 with a real feel of 129! it could be off with a degree or two but surrounding stations in the same range . With a west/northwest wind I believe it. I’m up in the Catskills now and we are at 89 with a stiff breeze.
  8. Upstate in the Catskills it’s been sunny and getting warm all morning . 86/76 feels like 95 here in Woodbourne, NY elevation 1,300ft. Should hit 90 here today and 94-95 tomorrow.
  9. Over 2 inches in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn. Still a mix of snow and sleet .
  10. 1.44 inches here in borough park Brooklyn
  11. Exactly an inch of rain here in borough park, Brooklyn
  12. Wow an over performing first snow. Easily 2-3 inches here in borough park, brooklyn. Getting lighter now still 32f.
  13. We got down to 33 f here in borough park Brooklyn for the low.
  14. 13.27 inches here past 30 days ,in Woodbourne, NY in The Catskills.
  15. I usually post from Brooklyn, but up here in my summer home in The Catskills, Woodbourne, NY to be more exact. The Catskills do very well ( unfortunately) with that firehose kind of setup. Anyway so Saturday night and Sunday we were ok with on and off light to moderate rain with 1.21 inches. That changed overnight , we picked up a whopping 4.67 inches most of is falling in 2-3 hours early this morning. With close to 6 inches in the last 36 hours , any additional rain and lots of it are expected ,we can be looking at serious floods up here. The Neversink River is very muddy and has been raging all day , the neversink reservoir which is 2-3 miles northwest of us is close to its floodgates ...