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  1. Lucky guy , you went up to the mountains for the weekend ?
  2. Just thinking that LGA temps are off, they are running way higher than any surrounding areas. Newark is usually the hot spot. Anybody else think that way?
  3. Hit 89 at my station in borough park , brooklyn today, always facinating that i get into my car in the south shore-five towns area and its 75 and by the time i get back to brooklyn its 15 degrees warmer, a degree per mile or so.
  4. Closing in on an inch here in borough park, Brooklyn . .80in since 11am. I was driving on the Belt Parkway west at that time . Very bad flooding in the area of construction before and after the mill basin bridge. Actually looks like the heaviest is shifting west of the city for now.
  5. Yup it was some storm , we ( bp) got .63 inches in a half hour i attached a screenshot of my station, amazing lightning and thunder , heaving precip seems to have been to our southwest.
  6. Yup, i can hear the winds whistling on the north side of my house , those are the coldest nights in nyc. This one snuck in by surprise, first time the cold overperformed in a long time.
  7. Intresting day here in southern brooklyn. Went down to 40f as the precip came in around 10-11am . Strong southerly winds all afternoon and just hit 60f now. Amazing how the south or southeast wind can erode such a impressively cool air mass. Of course its nothing new around here. As far as rain amounts not that impressive here with about 0.20 inches.
  8. Made it down to 46 here in Liberty , n.y. Roscoe was down to 43. Either way very chilly morning . My station in Brooklyn had a low of 64.
  9. It happens to be true that daily highs are chillier here at higher elevations while the coldest lows tend to happen in the valleys. Middletown is at a much lower elevation than here but in a good calm clear night can fall as low as us.
  10. It's down to 50 at my location , surrounding stations range from 48-54. This 48.9 is from roscoe, ny, same elevation as me.
  11. Here in my summer home in the Catskills mountains near Liberty , N.Y. at 1,520 feet ,it was a cool day, only reached 66 with a brisk west/northwest wind. Winds died down this evening and temps are dropping fast , 55 here now with a dew point of 46. I would not be surprised to see it bottom out at 45-48 overnight. I go back to Brooklyn in a week and it could take 3 months to get a temperature reading in the 40s there again.
  12. Rainy night, got 1.83 here in at my station in Borough Park, Brooklyn, heaviest was .35in in the bucket between 1:12-1:22am.
  13. It's actually snowing lightly here in Bensonhurst , Brooklyn as of 2 minutes ago
  14. It's all about radiating well , Take central and southern nj , same thing they radiate very well on calm nights they also has temps in the mid 30s this morning ,Lakewood nj for example was around 40. it's at the edge of the pine barrens , sandy soils.
  15. Yup the city doesn't do well at all on light winds clear nights. Strong caa and windy nights help cool it better. Huge range , in the mid 40s in parts of western and south Staten Island . Near 50 in Brooklyn and queens. Regular stuff for us city dwellers.