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  1. Rob get your camera and take a photo or video because what you are looking at this morning happens so rarely it is like capturing BIGFOOT on film lol
  2. FEEN to be honest, Corona is so in our face and on every channel not to mention on so many other forums that I come on here to get away from that for a while but thats me
  3. Next Year 812,,,,we get em next year
  4. how about that windy weather today ? Just sayin
  5. 812, I feel your pain brother but as for me I hate when snow is gone the next day. Give me snow on the ground from November or Dec until March and count me in every single day but as for March and April storms that are gone the next day count me out as IMO those storms suck. That said I get why you want it to snow and to those people who might give you grief for wanting and wishing for snow screw them as it's not as if you make it happen but it is something you enjoy, hell I have bad allergies in the summer am I gonna come here and tell people screw you and your sun and your flowers ? We will get em next year 812
  6. 812 maybe are should just move to Buffalo,,, my kids at school up there and he hates snow go figure I'm here begging for snow. Looks like they could get a foot these next few days
  7. 812, I feel your pain and in theory its not over yet but IMO we will try and get em again next year
  8. well my local forecast says possibly an inch of snow overnight = that would be the most snow that I have had in a month if it were to happen
  9. 812 it seams as if it has been stuck for not just 4 months but that it has been more like 12,,,,sad
  10. 812 I salute you with one hand and I have the other hand on the string that closes the drapes
  11. 812 , I feel your pain brother but this year it is tough to get snow ANYWHERE and yep it's been very depressing especially after last winter. This year is not over yet but hopefully we get ours NEXT winter.
  12. If any of you have access to how the models have done since the Fall or last Summer never mind this Winter could you tell myself or others where we might find how the models have done or can you post the scores ? IMO, I don't think any Model has done very well and I am talking about long before Dec 21st. If you guys can't post the verification scores, can you let me know where one might find recent scores and I would search for them myself? Thanks in advance