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  1. Brasiluvsnow

    March, 2019

    What the heck is a peeper ? I grew up in Bklyn and the only peepers I ever heard of were = peep·er1 /ˈpēpər/ noun a person who peeps at someone or something, especially in a voyeuristic way.
  2. Brasiluvsnow

    March 21-22 2019 Coastal Storm Obs

    40 degrees and rain here in New City
  3. Brasiluvsnow

    March, 2019

    On the 3K , it had the low on the PA border and now it shows the Low just off the Jersey coast , thats a pretty big shift---->Again IF it verifies
  4. Brasiluvsnow

    March, 2019

    No , not for Western areas , it would allow the cold air to enter faster and if you were in an area that was on the cusp of mixing this would now be snow
  5. Brasiluvsnow

    March, 2019

    pointed out to me that there was a pretty significant shift EAST on the 3K if it verifies
  6. Brasiluvsnow

    March, 2019

    put a sweatshirt on
  7. Brasiluvsnow

    March, 2019

    Brian if you can look for rain that does not exist on the models then myself, 88 and others can look for Snow that MIGHT exist--> it was not over even when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor
  8. Brasiluvsnow

    March, 2019

    Anyone have the Euro for Sunday / Monday as a day or so ago it was showing a clipper with snow for Sunday nite----Bueller ? Bueller ? anyone
  9. Brasiluvsnow

    OBS thread 2A-Noon EDT Sunday March 10, 2019

    just waking up,,,,snow on the ground everything white currently looks like rain or freezing rain--> new city
  10. Brasiluvsnow

    March, 2019

    just went out with the dog its 14 here
  11. Brasiluvsnow

    Interior NW & NE Burbs 2019

    anyone else think we have to keep an eye on Friday / Saturday ? Models showing it
  12. GFS sees something Friday / Saturday,,,just sayin
  13. Still snowing here hope we can squeeze 2 hours out of it ,,,kids have a delay here they are hoping for closures ,,,
  14. radar still looks good back to ocean city Maryland anyone have a guesstimate as to when it ends ?
  15. I had thunder a half hour ago,,I was outside walking for about an hour,,its great outside right now