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  1. I am watching this one more closely than usual as I have to drive to Buffalo this weekend , keep the updates coming ladies and gentlemen
  2. BX yes it has freezing rain out there 15 minutes ago I was in the yard with my dog and I saw that a spotter had New City with 2.8 at 7;30 so I guess I was mistaken
  3. BX I went out to pick my kid up from work main roads / 304 is really bad not a plow or salt spreader in sight but man it looks like a post card out there !
  4. BX are you sure about that measurement ? I am in New City and although I did NOT measure but to my trained eye lol , I was just out there for a while doing the driveway and Im thinking slightly more between 3 and 4 ---I could be wrong or maybe a few miles made a difference .
  5. Snowing pretty good here in New City and it stuck immediately and EVERYTHING is white it looks as winter should look = like a winter wonderland !
  6. Question, if the Snow starts earlier than advertised do you think we are looking at an over performer or that the system will be in and out faster and less snow ?
  7. I have things to do tomorrow and I was thinking that it would begin around 4 BUT BUT BUT If it is going to begin earlier that changes things----> Satisfied ?
  8. anyone care to guesstimate a start time for this ? 4 pm ?????
  9. 88 I have to give you your props as anyone who knows me will tell you how I love weather and specifically SNOW but you blow my optimism out of the water. That said I know we still have a long way to go with winter and we have this little system to deal with on Saturday BUT BUT BUT I can say that IF he pattern does NOT change and we do NOT get a full fledged snowstorm the end of next week then I will be throwing in the towel. I get it that there will still be oceans of time but last year burnt us this year won;'t burn me I will be in full bring in SPRING mode lets open the pool and play some baseball ! That said can we get some freaking snow tomorrow !!!!!!
  10. anyone have the late nite Euro ? or any other model , asking for some friends
  11. a little help guys,,,,,SWFE ??? Whats this mean or can you explain ? thanks in advance
  12. Novice here also but I believe the answer you are looking for is YES but that would also depend on your definition of a "full blown coastal snowstorm ".It appears to me that right now a few inches are on the table but I think with 5 days to go and so much uncertainty the entire buffet from rain- ice or snow even possibly is currently on the table