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  1. geez,,,,supposed to drive up to Buffalo on Friday morning and drive back Saturday and just looked at this,,,,okay time to pay more attention to the model runs. You guys keep the updates coming as some of us have a vested interest
  2. It is raw and miserable out there in New City I have COLD rain falling its 38 degrees and just plain old yuck
  3. Correction on my previous post,,,,,just measured and it is just shy of 3 inches here in New City
  4. Rockland County New City checking in,,,wet HEAVY snow here I would guesstimate we have 2 inches on the ground and still coming down
  5. snowing in Rockland County,,,,,last night before bed everything was cleared ( driveway and deck ) this morning everything is covered again
  6. New City checking in 25 degrees ( feels colder ) as I just walked there dog and went up and down the driveway with a shovel,,,,,,no zr or freezing rain here, I am looking forward to anther 2-4 inches tomorrow , what a great February this has been, this is what every winter should be like for 3 months straight but I will take an entire winter wrapped up in 1 month lol
  7. YEP BX very large flakes falling here and everything got white real fast!!!!
  8. I hope not as nothing falling here in my part of the LHV but I expect 4 to 6
  9. The location of that 1033 High to our North is key also ,no ? Is that High really more west ? If so wouldn't it force the low to move East ? To get a better storm where would the ideal location for that High be ?
  10. USCG you have radar link that you can share that I / we can see what you are looking at ?
  11. 812 your lips to Gods ears as I have to drive from here to Brooklyn tomorrow and my kid has his road test tomorrow in the A.M up North by me
  12. New City checking in,,,,,,,Deck is icy,,,my car is Icy,,,,,,,steps in front of house are icy,,,,,,,,safe to say it is ICY here with freezing rain falling lightly but thats all it takes,,,,,,,cant wait to walk my dog I will let you guys know how that goes