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  1. Liberty you are going too fast for me as I am still very much a novice , what the hell is a Aneroid Barometer lol ?
  2. Yes Liberty exactly,,,,,I remember back then my dad brought home one of those hand held weather radios all you got on it was a recorded weather announcement for a few areas and I would listen to that for hours as a kid. They would update the recorded message every so often back then it was state of the art now its comical
  3. I used to love watching and listening to Alan Kasper on ch2, he was a really good weather man and a snow weenie as he would outwardly hope for snow while doing his forecast.
  4. I was already out of High School and tossed from 2 colleges,,,,,,well not really the first one tossed me the 2nd one I dropped out myself with dignity lol. No matter how you slice it 88 you missed one hell of a storm in 78
  5. 88 or anyone else = Still learning here so bear with my ignorance but D8 and D10 is that DAY 8 thru Day 10 ?
  6. 31 ???????? LOL I have tools in my shed older than you
  7. great storm and I can't remember if it was that same week or a week later we got a 2nd storm on top of the Blizzard of 78
  8. Your probably too young or 78 would be on that list
  9. Pruf I get it but it always depends on location and I have friends all over the place some got nothing or not much so far today and others got a lot more than myself
  10. I didn't throw it in this afternoon but looking at the radar earlier tonight gave me pause,,,,,props to Doorman and a few others and U2 88 = as whoever called this a non event or non storm should take a look at my neighborhood
  11. Doorman = Props to you and take a bow as I will be a monkeys uncle as it is snowing again here ( New City ) and at a pretty god clip
  12. Thank You RJay it's nice to know that I am not alone but to be honest I wish someone did know
  13. Barman maybe I don't know either but Doorman asked for one of the more seasoned METS to explain the surface program but none of them have answered the bell. I will be honest I see the diagram, but have no clue myself what Doorman is pointing out
  14. Ask Larrye he brought it up it is on the diagram that Doorman posted its there Pauly look again its just below the 992
  15. Yes Larrye I see it , Now can you or anyone else explain to me what Doorman is getting at with that lovely picture with the 931 low which I see off of Cap Cod ?