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  1. Yesterday we were at graduation parties and luckily for us we did not get hit with one single storm or raindrop. I heard from friends and relatives that it was a different story in other areas
  2. Stormlover can I access reports like this one myself ? If so how do I do so thanks in advance,,,,ps it was a wild day in some locations for sure
  3. man I hope this rain gets out of here early tomorrow , I have my kids graduation
  4. 55 degrees right now and tonight it will be in the mid 40's ? Cant wait to lite the fireplace in June this is ridiculous !
  5. Brasiluvsnow

    May 28th-30th Severe Potential

    Thundering here in New City / Rockland and RAINING
  6. It rocked n rolled last night LBS
  7. Looking at the radar it appears those storms are holding together and heading East
  8. looks to me as if the GFS backed off somewhat from last night as far as temps for Sunday,,,I guess we will see soon enough but as stated = what a difference in temp predictions from the models
  9. Brasiluvsnow

    March, 2019

    What the heck is a peeper ? I grew up in Bklyn and the only peepers I ever heard of were = peep·er1 /ˈpēpər/ noun a person who peeps at someone or something, especially in a voyeuristic way.
  10. Brasiluvsnow

    March 21-22 2019 Coastal Storm Obs

    40 degrees and rain here in New City
  11. Brasiluvsnow

    March, 2019

    On the 3K , it had the low on the PA border and now it shows the Low just off the Jersey coast , thats a pretty big shift---->Again IF it verifies
  12. Brasiluvsnow

    March, 2019

    No , not for Western areas , it would allow the cold air to enter faster and if you were in an area that was on the cusp of mixing this would now be snow
  13. Brasiluvsnow

    March, 2019

    pointed out to me that there was a pretty significant shift EAST on the 3K if it verifies
  14. Brasiluvsnow

    March, 2019

    put a sweatshirt on
  15. Brasiluvsnow

    March, 2019

    Brian if you can look for rain that does not exist on the models then myself, 88 and others can look for Snow that MIGHT exist--> it was not over even when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor