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  1. Let me know what exactly it "depends " upon ? = as I said Im traveling by car down 95 in this case now I will be traveling up 95
  2. Do any of you know of a decent weather app or site for traveling down I 95 ? I check out this site often and look and read through all of the forums here but that will be hard to do while driving ---let me know thanks in advance, I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving
  3. geez could we really see snow before Halloween ? Might happen-----again
  4. Niece is at school in Orlando ,,I know the track is still up in the air but ,thoughts on how bad this is gonna be there,,,I want her to head to the east coast to stay with Grandparents near del Ray ,,,,,,,but not sure what the right move is as the storm track is not written in stone ? Again what do u guys think
  5. Very warm waters with little or no shear = this storm is going to blow up. IMO the only thing that can remotely slow it down is a direct hit with Cuba and most of the guidance thus far does not show a direct hit. So when I said " no you are not " I was agreeing. Now back to Ian
  6. Little or no shear and water as warm as your bathtub,,,,,,,98L needs to be watched for good reason IMO it is only a matter of time
  7. Thanks SRR and I wish I had seen this post sooner because I decided to NOT go to my event and I was kicking myself as I could have gotten it in,,,,,I was unsure and thought it might rain much earlier but you were correct it rained after 11
  8. God knows we could use the rain but I was going to attend an outside event tonight but looks like Thunderstorms and rain are in my future,,,drats drats and double drats lol
  9. we looking at rain and T storms tonight ?
  10. It poured here earlier and I just took the doing out for a walk and it is warm and sticky outside
  11. Just saw this Thanks NHW,,,,I am in Corolla have fun enjoy
  12. Heading to the Outer Banks this weekend any insight on what the weekend and upcoming week is looking like ?
  13. What do you guys make of todays anticipated solar flair activity ? Hype or A Real Concern ?
  14. Geez what the heck happened to Saturday ? Went from looking like 75 and lovely to being in the 60's and windy and going down to 50's at nite yeesh
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