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  1. IF we were to snow along I-95, we'd be relying entirely on rapid SLP intensification coupled with very heavy precip. Could be elevation driven. This reminds me of April Fools storm 1997.
  2. EPS is not a benchmark track. SLP heads from DC,to PHL to NYC. Tidbits image grossly misrepresents reality.
  3. EPS is a nothing burger. Takes the SLP into PHL. Coastal plan gets inundated with wind and high surf.
  4. SN+ in Hunterdon County. Instantly sticking to all surfaces. Healthy dendritic growth.
  5. Adamantly disagree with your limited assessment.
  6. Synoptics. Get a handle on it already. This is NOT a 287 event. Everyone snows heavily for 2-4 hours with 1-1.5 in per hour rates. It turns to some rain. Everyone on the board accumulates.
  7. SWFE are classically overrunning events with precipitation developing over the gradient/baroclinic zone. Very different than a warm front running squarely into a CAD signature.
  8. Absolutely incorrect. Completely different setups. Coastal snow will breakout with isentropic lift from advancing warm front running into a very decent CAD signature. Chicago is none of that. This isn't a SWFE or gradient type system.
  9. Synoptics please. Likely I said yesterday, textbook thump 2-5 area wide, then sleet, quickly to rain.
  10. Uptown Afd is a perfect example of professionals not utilizing synoptic experience and common sense. Friday evening is text book quick hitting 2-5 type event, no questions asked.
  11. Non event for the board. Even ACY will have mixing issues.
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