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  1. This feels like the Dec 24, 1997 or 1998 snowfall. It was a nice little event, but we had more cold air to work with.
  2. NAM would be 1-2 in area wide
  3. Alan is a very good man. I interned with him years ago. Learned a lot about life from him.
  4. March 93 was showing consistently on models 6-7 days out. At that time, Euro and MRF were run once daily. I recall that MRF went out to 240 hr, Euro 168 hr.
  5. There no cold air to work with. We aren't going to suddenly get 1 in rates to draw colder air to surface. Very stale airmass.
  6. This was a disaster of a forecast. No way around it. Anyone that has some semblance of forecast recognition knew that this was going to be a non-event for most in this sub-forum.
  7. Obs are not in line with radar today. These SWSs have also been grossly out of proportion to reality.
  8. Tony, stop leading people on. The radar looks terribly anemic. Mount Holly scaling everything back.
  9. Not looking good. But there is certainly a chance of a brief period of light snow with better temps this evening.
  10. Our deformation snows are developing and expanding already over C PA.
  11. I still think best dynamics are just west of NYC. SREFs have been persistent with best lift along Delaware River.
  12. I'd have to go back. I honestly would not go above 1-2 in for CPK tomorrow.
  13. Meh. Convective feedback issues on HRRR. We toss.