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  1. Anyone have a wind map for NC?
  2. Not going to affect the metro area it seems
  3. Anything showing for the east coast part of the US?
  4. Any other storms out there after Laura?
  5. Is this going to become a tropical storm once off the NE coast?
  6. Looking for some info on how the wind will be for Pinetops/FarmVille NC area. Thanks
  7. Sorry guys but I have family down in the Pinetops/rocky mount NC area, does anyone know what the wind forecast is there? Thanks
  8. Looking for some info on how the wind will be for Pinetops NC area. Thanks
  9. Storm looks terrible right now. A lot of dry air. I’m surprised NHC still has this as a hurricane
  10. I think it’s getting clear that landfall in Florida will occur as a weak storm.
  11. Well, that’s always been a possibility.