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Jan 25 2023 Three-fer fer some...


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1 minute ago, HoarfrostHubb said:

1.0” total snow.   That was a lot lower than modeled and forecast up until the last minute.  
My street is an icy river right now. Hope it has a chance to melt out a bit before tonight


All of the TV mets busted badly...

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1 hour ago, Modfan2 said:

Currently 55F, .98” of rain (5.72” for the month)

1.12 inches here and over 5 for the month. All the ponds are overflowing around here and my sump pump is running for the first time in years. 



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1 minute ago, powderfreak said:

5” very dense snow at base of ski area.  Beautiful winter morning.

Mixed precip now though it goes to snow when heavier echoes move in.  Still should be able to get 3”+ upslope later.


Nice storm for you.  Upslope overperforms 3 let's go 8

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