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  1. 34F here in Enfield, with a large area of frost.
  2. Fortunately I'm not at that stage yet. Still walking and not using a wheelchair.
  3. Regardless of the date, it would be helpful to choose a location with close in parking and disability access for me. I'm still walking, just slowly.
  4. My birthday. I'm spending the day with my son.
  5. Some decent color yesterday around Bromley and Stratton.
  6. So a date and location similar to last year?
  7. Thanks, I just finished moving into my apartment in Enfield, so I've been busy. It was 30F this morning here, so maybe it will help the color. I'd say about 25% change in town.
  8. I heard you guys talking about me. Just came back from Southern Vermont. Pretty drab foliage conditions almost everywhere. I think the drought, hot and humid Summer affected the foliage color. Mount Snow, definitely worse than last year:
  9. Nice Summer day on Mount Washington. Auto road closed above treeline. 1.3" of snow in the last 24 hours.
  10. My second favorite time of the year is coming up. I love 4/1 - 6/15. Everything turns green again and I love Spring flowers and shrubs.
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