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  1. That mountain also suffered a forest fire about 175 years ago. The soil at the summit is to thin for the forest to grow back again.
  2. I read there was a massive forest fire in 1908 that burned most of the forest in the Sugarloaf area.
  3. Not really, everones moved on to installs, jogging in 90F heat and Lesco Love Canal.
  4. 91F + 5F above forecast.
  5. Looks like a fake picture, nobody's interested in skiing anymore this season.
  6. 96F off a high of 98F.
  7. 96F, seasons in seasons.
  8. Impressive cold for May, the summit of Mount Snow is holding on to the 3/4" of snow from yesterday and it's currently 25F.
  9. BDL at -1.7F for the month so far, seasons in seasons.
  10. 40F with clear skies, We frost tonight me thinks.
  11. About 1/4" of snow on Mount Snow summit with light snow and 20F per their webcam. Seasons in seasons.
  12. Good thing the trough axis is to our West this week, days and days of 60's.
  13. The green up level is about 3,000' in S Vermont. I was up around Magic Mtn on Saturday.
  14. 30.8F deck and roof are frost covered.