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  1. I did with the frontal passage, after that not so much.
  2. Lightest winds of the daylight hours so far.
  3. Higher elevations there so more wind I guess. Nothing here out of the ordinary, but I'm in a valley.
  4. Winds of 10-15mph here, highest gusts where with the frontal passage. Lots of leaves down today.
  5. 49F, pretty meah winds.
  6. 57F here with the CF about to move through.
  7. WU has 1" of snow forecast for next Saturday and 0.40" of precipitation for Sunday here in Enfield. It's way out there, but eye candy for right now.
  8. AKA normal around here, year after year after year.
  9. Drizzle here, but a nice window shaking thunderstorm to my south.
  10. All snow now, but very light.
  11. light rainfall currently mixed with large snowflakes , 35F.
  12. 27F here. NWS says rain/snow for tomorrow .
  13. I'm divorced, so the ex would probably poison my dinner. I was the cook. Thanks for the birthday wishes.