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  1. It was variable, areas of peak color, areas with green foliage and bare areas in higher elevations. The rain and wind a few days ago stripped off some foliage. I was also in SW Massachusetts and the foliage along Route 23 was pretty colorful. The best and most consistent foliage color in two days of driving around was Stafford and Stafford Springs. Really vibrant colors. With a possible coastal storm next week, the foliage probably won't last much longer.
  2. Thanks for the information, I'm actually looking for orange, gold and yellow, those are my favorite foliage colors. I'm going back there tomorrow, today was spent driving around NW Connecticut.
  3. Stubborn grey skies yesterday, but some nice Fall color out there.
  4. I did the drive yesterday to Stafford Springs, really beautiful foliage color along 190 in Stafford and Stafford Springs. Primarily yellow and gold. Better fall color than in my travels in Vermont. I'd say it's peak in that location. Best foliage around here since 2016.
  5. Late day foliage picture from Somers, CT.
  6. About 30% change here in Enfield with some areas of nice color. Even some of the Oaks are changing color, which is about 3 weeks early.
  7. A new quad is being installed in the glades so snowmaking only took place on upper Rime and upper Superstar.
  8. I'm at Killington right now and the foliage is at peak, but very dark this year. Snowmaking last night on Superstar headwall and upper Rime.
  9. Killington should be pretty tomorrow with peak foliage and snowmaking.
  10. Making snow through tommorow morning.
  11. I'm heading up to Killington on Saturday probably with the rest of the foliage peeping world. Looks like peak on the webcams.
  12. Just saw this on the news. B-17 crash at Bradley. Thoughts and prayers with those lost.
  13. Bits of early Fall color in Somers. It's a grey day and a Fall like 84F.
  14. Predominatly green in my area of Enfield. My Swamp Maple in the backyard in turning yellow/gold. Peak last year was 10/25, so a while yet still to go. With the colder weather forecast for the next 10 days or so, the Fall color should start to emerge.