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  1. 38F and overcast. No snow falling here.
  2. Flurries here and 37F. Radar makes it look like a snowstorm is in process.
  3. I could do without the 50's and rain next week.
  4. I posted it for DIT and his damage fetish.
  5. This is the remains of the garage next to the house in Enfield that my son rents. It collapsed under the weight of the heavy snow.
  6. But the NWS forecast wasn't great. I stayed under a WWA and got 10" of snow. P/C forecast was for 3-5" later upgraded to 4-6" Visibility was near zero at times last night with heavy snow.
  7. This snowfall is exactly twice as large as the largest snowfall last year in my area. The 7.5" in November of 2018 was the largest.
  8. Snowing here for the last 1/2 hour with large flakes.
  9. 15" storm total here in my part of Enfield.
  10. Congratulations, you finally avoided the valley snowhole.