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  1. Beautiful Spring-like day today, solid overcast and 36F.
  2. In Germany, you're only allowed to have a family member buried for a limited amount of time, before disinterment and cremation. I remember when my uncle passed away in Germany, he wanted cremation partly for this reason.
  3. When it's cold outside/in the forecast, he's quiet. Like a Summertime DIT 24/7.
  4. The Avianca jet was the first 707 I'd seen up close at that point. This plane was built in 1967 and second hand owned by the time of the crash. I never flew in one, but did go inside SAM970, the first presidential jet Air Force One. It's rare to see a large jetliner crash site with no fire damage.
  5. Today is the 30th anniversary of the crash of Avianca flight 052. The plane crashed in Cove Neck, L.I on January 25th 1990 after running out of fuel trying to land in dense fog. December of 1989 was very cold, but January was warm. I was at the plane crash.
  6. 0.39" and rain is just about over.
  7. Rain is just about over here, 0.39" 41F.
  8. He's like a Wintertime DIT. I like DIT, but at least he switches to Winter mode.
  9. Sundown was just okay in Wednesday. They made alot of snow to recover from the thaw and groomed it out too early. Lots of ice chunk's. It was my son's birthday, so it was just nice to be out with him.