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  1. Looks like snow has made it down to about 1500' in the Whites. Still raining at the cabin but 33.5F. MWN temp profile shows above freezing up to about 3500', but marginal (32-33) .
  2. damn, that just looks brr... Looking forward to the new gondola and spending more days at the Woods this winter!
  3. Heard about that today. Kinda sad, but I guess it's a sign on the times. One of my all-time NE faves.
  4. -10F, 80MPH sustained, gusts to 100, wind chill in -50's. That's pretty impressive for mid November.
  5. 2" in Thornton as well. First flakes in Lowell as precip comes to an end.
  6. After 1.5" snow yesterday, it appeared to flip to -ZR before back to snow. MWN profile shows the mid level warming has gone back under 32. 34.5/33 in Lowell.
  7. Lowell 45.2/41, Thornton 30.4 1.5"
  8. flipped to snow now. 33.2 Accumulating, unfortunately heading back to Lowell where it's 48
  9. 34.8 pelt. Temp slowly dropping
  10. Temp down to 34.3 from a steady 36 about an hour ago. Rain mixing with snow according to the webcam.
  11. I see vast improvements and more likely scenario with the latest model runs. That long strung out southern/northern confluence is hard to do. Usually there's one concentrated storm center (right?). I think it's only going to improve into more of a Miller B. Wiener, I mean confidence growing.
  12. How do new members sign in?
  13. Best threat we've had so far. Lot of model support sans FV3 lol
  14. NAM definitely has more of a Miller B appearance than a wave.