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  1. MarkO

    December Discussion

    I have no issues. We've gotten over a foot here in Lowell, and over 3' at the cabin. Skiing has been incredible skiing natural in October and trees in November. Fortunately, they've been holding onto snow at the resorts and this weekend's rainer is now a passing shower, or even a gainer. I move north Friday until at least the end of the month.
  2. MarkO

    December Discussion

    Wasn't there some correlation between weak El Nino modoki and a more northern gradient? NNE has far overperformed climo than southern and regardless of what happens here on out, past snowfall influences final tallies. Another important factor is how much elevation has affected snowfall totals. With a mild mid-December, I believe it increases that gradient. By end December, we're ~1/3 into the snowfall season. Will, are you saying a La Nina pattern is more predictable?
  3. MarkO

    December Discussion

    Gradient this year seems to be farther north, more like Concord/lakes region and nothing I see in the future changes that. Next weekends system is a vast improvement compared to what it was showing last week. GFS secondary now showing it finishing as some frozen, and ECMWF suppresses nearly the entire event. Baby steps.
  4. MarkO

    NNE Winter Thread

    Are we still in record territory regarding the snow stake? 20+", that's insane upslope.
  5. MarkO

    11/27 - Everything and the Kitchen Sink Obs

    There are a couple neighborhoods just west of Rt. 3 in Nashua up near 400'. Maybe it was one of those? Also, could relic snow be a factor? Snow all but gone here in Lowell, but still appearing in piles along driveways.
  6. MarkO

    11/27 - Everything and the Kitchen Sink Obs

    Looks like even elevated parts of N. Wor county (Ashburnham area) getting in on the goods. I didn't think any part of central/east MA was getting snow out of this one.
  7. MarkO

    11/27 - Everything and the Kitchen Sink Obs

    Neighbor up north says 2" (about 1/2 hour ago). Weather station 31.5F. Probably an overproducer as it seems to be snowing even in the valley.
  8. MarkO

    11/20 Storm Disco & Obs

    Ended up with about 3". It's got decent density, so will linger around for the weekend. Thursday's hi/low up north is 9/0. Hoping there's enough snow to ski natural trails.
  9. MarkO

    11/20 Storm Disco & Obs

    Been snowing in Lowell past hour give or take. About an inch 32.2/31. Sticking everywhere, even main roads.
  10. MarkO

    11/20 Storm Disco & Obs

    Weird system. I just took the dog out and was surprised to see wet flakes mixing in. Still about 90% rain, but the occasional mangled flake. Temp down 1/2 degree 34.5/33
  11. MarkO

    11/20 Storm Disco & Obs

    Probably snow above 500'
  12. MarkO

    11/20 Storm Disco & Obs

    35.0/34 here in Lowell. All rain.
  13. MarkO

    The 2018-2019 Ski Season Thread

    Pretty awesome to have such great conditions so early. I don't think there's enough snow to ski trees in my neck of the woods, but I hear folks are skiing the Sherbie on sufficient cover without any rocks. So after Tuesday/Wednesday 3-6" I guess it might be possible... I'm guessing there will be enough to ski on some trails that traditionally hold more snow on one favored side, but we're only a decent storm or two away from dropping ropes on natural trails. Friday going to feel like mid winter skiing in single digits. Edit, the trail that comes to mind is Vista. Just saw this posted on Cannon's website: Cannon will kick off our 80th season Friday, November 23rd. Cold temperatures and a little help from Mother Nature will have us skiing and riding on at least 20 trails with the potential for some turns on natural snow. So far, we've seen a total of 14" of new snow and could pick up another 3-6 inches of snow tomorrow.
  14. MarkO

    November discussion

    Late to the party but holy smokes, we got some serious potential seemingly out of nowhere.
  15. MarkO

    Nov 15/16 First Weenie Obs

    Flipped back to snow here in Lowell as well. Glad I shovelled the driveway last night but now the plow pile is back breaking wet concrete. I just gave up. I'm too old for this sh!t.