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  1. I think it was Zoomer, not positive. This was only 2 days later (from Artist's Bluff)
  2. 33.2F for a low at the cabin.
  3. I skied Cannon on the 21st. Just finally got around to putting together a video of the last run. Great season, got in 50 days, but it took 7 days of skinning/hiking to get there.
  4. Was wondering if there was any frozen with those showers. Looks like there is above about 3k
  5. Nice, Lowell here (part time). I do a lot of work in Dracut. Welcome abord!
  6. Skied Cannon yesterday in low 70s made it to low 80s, 85 today. East flow (I assume) going to feel chilly tomorrow.
  7. Hoping to hit up Cannon this weekend. Anyone drive by Franconia notch, or happen to know if there are any top/bottom runs?
  8. You being facetious or serious? I can't tell these days.
  9. Here it is mid May and I've only mowed my lawn (front only) once in Lowell and I likely won't have to in NH until June. Trees as bare as the top of Kevin's head. Was April colder than May?
  10. snow past hour , about 1/2 32.2 28
  11. Agreed! Once again, I think 1500'. Arghh!
  12. Saw a flash about 1/2 hour ago. Pellets. 43.8. Dog freaked on the gust front, down to 41.7
  13. Come on up Kev. I'll rub you head and you can rub mine. We'll cook on the grill.