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  1. It's now looking like accumulations limited to northern mountains over 2000'. The warmer trend has appeared to have come to a halt. A tick colder could make things interesting.
  2. Great video, thanks for sharing, brings back memories. I was living at 40 Sarah Ave in Lowell (I think Dave lived in the same house on the first floor). It started as rain for me, so I jumped in my Toyota Celica and drove west along 113 to Townsend where it turned to snow. Turned around and the R/S line more or less followed me east. I stopped in the Blue Moon in Tyngsoboro for a couple beers, lol. A friend was taking the LSAT's the next day and they didn't cancel! He came up form the Cape early Sat. morning and said it was rain the whole way until he got only about a mile south of 495 on Rt. 3 where apparently the R/S line held for much of the storm. I think we ended up with somewhere in the 18-24" range, but just a few miles south the amounts were significantly lower.
  3. I've lived in Lowell more than half my life and 32" at this date is probably average. I'd even wager more than average. I wonder if UML keeps annual snow totals?
  4. Off and on flurries all day and an occasional snow shower. I'm usually too far south of those back side showers, but today was an anomaly and squeezed out another 1/4" bringing my total to 7.0 , Deck pack (2 storms) is 11", ground has got to be about 13" since there was about 2" cement prior. We were also able to open the local mountain today.
  5. another 2" fell overnight (very low density back end snows) 6.75", still snowing lightly. Warmed a couple degrees 14.1/10.
  6. Midnight totals 4.75", 12.1/8
  7. 2.5", better snow growth last hour or so. 11.5/7
  8. light snow since 4:40ish, only an inch, crappy growth. 11.3/7
  9. Seriously, is that the official stance? No longer numerical warning criteria, but relative storm intensity?
  10. I'm sure this has been asked already, but why does SNE have WSW and NNE has WWA? Seems bass ackwards considering forecasting snowfall maps.
  11. Had a few snow showers yesterday afternoon, flurries last night, but missed out on the bands. Total event 7.75"
  12. I measured 0.3" liquid in the 6" that fell this morning, very light. WV had about 8-12". My Enforcers are 100mm underfoot and could have used a wider ski! Not used to skiing this 20:1 ratio. We don't get much of it. I'm currently cashing in on some backside snows. I doubt more than inch though.
  13. 6" and still coming down at a moderate rate. 30.1/26.
  14. First flakes (Thornton), 31.9, 26