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  1. Campton Mountain is right! Killington has the capacity to cover a trail in probably 24 hours, although that's really a guess based on what I've seen them do on a trail like Superstar.
  2. Nice northern tick on NAM and high res. Winds starting to pick up from mid-day lull. Should be a fun night.
  3. The fan gun has 200' of hose/electric. We can't blow it up top due to pressure/electric/water being at the bottom. It's about 200' vertical from where we can blow from to the top. Next winter we hope to install a snow makign system, but trying to find out if we can cover one trail in December. Taking into account how much time it takes to cover an acre, I think we have the time to produce the volume, should the temperatures cooperate.
  4. Maybe PF can answer this question. We have one fan gun we cover a 1 acre practice slope with. Do you think if we move it a little farther up the mountain we can cover another 2+ acres pushing it up to 1000' to the top of the chair lift ramp?
  5. Looks pretty cool on water vapor. Looks like it has subtropical characteristics. Currently moving into colder SST's, but it was over what I believe were warm enough. Edit, never mind, temps are colder than I thought.
  6. I think I beat Killington's announcement to the punch.
  7. Looks like Killington began snowmaking this AM.
  8. Hard to tell if it's snowing at the top of Wildcat. Looks like snow, but probably melting on contact. I'd guess there's a chance of a very light accumulation above about 3500' https://www.mountwashington.org/premium-content/webcam-videos/ravines.aspx
  9. Looks like potential for first flakes in the mountains Wednesday/Thursday.
  10. Thought it was close. Fairview Lane in Portsmouth, RI is where the EF0 briefly touched down in October 2019.
  11. Not too far from the EF0 they had a couple years ago.
  12. Nordica Enforcer 95's with Solomon Shift bindings. Another great all-mountain ski. Coming from 68's under foot, definitely took a couple days getting used to.
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