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  1. Light accumulation above about 2500' yesterday
  2. Anyone know if there is still enough snow to ski the front 5 at Cannon?
  3. That is weird, not sure UML ever did either. Thanks Dendrite. Any idea where those measurements might have been taken?
  4. Campton Mountain is part of the community I live in. It's probably the only amenity that can possibly increase our revenue stream to offset costs. But without snow making, it's difficult to plan for being open, advertise, set up beer ski leagues, etc... In the 10 years I've been here, there have been two ratters that we didn't even bother trying to open. I'd really like to have more data to support snow making. We bought a fan gun 2 years ago and blew our rope tow trail (about an acre) with a foot of snow. It lasted through March. Last year the full-time retirees voted down making snow citing a bunch of lame excuses. We were able to blow it once again this past winter and we were able to keep the rope tow open throughout the winter (the rest of the mountain was probably open for about 6 weekends).. I'm shooting for a 2 phased approach where we cover one entire trail (3.5 acres), and possibly a second and run both the double chairlift and the rope tow using our municipal water supply (which is conveniently located on the mountain). The next year we can consider moving the water source to a man made pond about 1000' away. I believe with a dependable product, we'll be able to plan and possibly sell season tickets, beer leagues, schedule bands, etc... We offer night skiing too, so it's an excellent place to take the kids and hang out.
  5. I'm actually looking for year by year. I'm hoping to use this data to support snow making at my local mountain (Campton Mountain). Which looks like it will consist of only two fan guns, lol.
  6. I was hoping maybe someone from Plymouth State might be bale to tell me if the college might have weather records for seasonal snowfall?
  7. Looks like a few inches in Thornton, flipped to snow in Lowell. Partly cloudy and 87 here in PR.
  8. I agree. It's funny how people in New England associate end of summer with Labor day. Down where you are in fall, the beaches are probably still warm enough to swim into late October. That's why I've been pushing the wife to build a house on stilts on the OBX. Design it to withstand a Cat 3, maybe even Cat 4 on the gulf side. NH in summer, winter, down there in fall/ late spring. Heading to PR tomorrow. That's not my kind of weather, but who knows. Lot's of cheap deals.
  9. I had to get to 50 days last year. I've probably posted this before. This year I'm at exactly 1/2.
  10. Looks like r/s is about 2500/3000'
  11. Maybe Sunday can pull of something like the October 17th storm. I had white rain all day, Cannon got a few inches of slush at the bottom when I drove by, but BW was about 5" at the base and about 18 up top.
  12. That's exactly Cannon for ya. If you're going to ski it, you really should have race tuned skis.
  13. Skiing was great this past weekend. Two of the top 10 of the year for me. Waterville pushed back their weekend hours to 9-5 which was a good move if you ask me. Gives the groomers more time to soften things up and makes for some great afternoon hero snow. Hopefully things continue to trend cold and we have another powder day Sunday.
  14. Time of year when one side of the street looks like spring, the other winter. The snowpack on my street (Lowell) is still about 4 or 5" dense snow on the south side, gone on the north (with exception of the banks). Already up to 53F. I think 60 is a possibility.
  15. Finally went to bed around 2AM. Wind was ripping. I know it's good gust when the screens rattle and I heard a lot of that. Can't sleep with 2 massive white pines dropping branches all night, especially when they're 30' from the house to the northwest.