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  1. Finally went to bed around 2AM. Wind was ripping. I know it's good gust when the screens rattle and I heard a lot of that. Can't sleep with 2 massive white pines dropping branches all night, especially when they're 30' from the house to the northwest.
  2. The branches in the street were small enough to move. The one in my yard is at least 8" dia and probably weighs a couple hundred pounds. Glad it landed in the yard and not on my head. I initially thought it was a spruce due to it's location, but it's also a white pine.
  3. Another large branch down, Can't tell if it's from a white pine or the spruce. This one landed in the middle of my street. I'm gonna head out and try to move it. Glad I brought one of my chainsaws back from NH (I actually kept in my truck from ice fishing).
  4. Real deal wind. Popped my head out the front door to witness a large (8" +/-) Norway Spruce branch drop on the front lawn. I gotta admit, I'm a bit nervous as I have a couple 100 footer White pines within about 30' form my house. Looks like we got some snow up north.
  5. I was very mild , slight cough, body aches for one morning, but yeah, the loss of taste and smell lasted about 2 weeks. Weird to wake up one morning and not have bad breath (dogs too, lol). Went to the fridge opened bag of coffee, nothing!).
  6. Lowell has been close to average(although I haven't kept a tally), Thornton is probably about 20" below average. I think one area hit hard is around exit 24 southeast towards the lakes region.
  7. Pack took/taking a beating in Lowell. I'd guess it averages about 6". Sunny exposed areas and roofs mostly exposed 42.8F. Just checked the webcam up north, flurries, 29.9F. Weekend now looking more white than wet. Should be rain in Lowell. Seems on average I get about 3 more weeks of winter up there.
  8. Must be a slow night at GYX. Weenie snow to rain on the Maine plain.
  9. About 3/4" since yesterday, but with shredded radar, putrid rates and mid day sun angle, it doesn't even qualify as a nuisance.
  10. NWS 6" for Lowell, seems generous, feel doubtful.
  11. About 2.5" of pellets this morning. It was mostly sleet overnight with some micro flakes mixed in. Temp rapidly rising 30.6F
  12. light snow has commenced up here. 26.7F
  13. I'm eyeballing about 1.5" in Lowell. Maybe we can squeeze out another inch before it wraps.
  14. I don't think many of us gave up on it yesterday. Going on a hunch but feeling like this is a benchmark storm.