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  1. I didn't know they had an elevated webcam. I spy flakes
  2. looks like flakes at SB:https://www.facebook.com/watch?v=3254095488166852
  3. Cold front just passed through MWN, Temp dropped 10F in past 90 minutes. Down to 36.7, coudl see a flip to snow soon.
  4. 6" on the nose for the month. Not sure why we're still in a moderate drought. I've had a little over a foot since June 1st. That's averages about 3.25"/month.
  5. There's been talk of widening 93 through Concord to 3/4 lanes. I believe it's still in the design phase. Supposedly it won't be finished until the mid 2030's. All the bridges will have to be replaced, and the existing highway runs immediately adjacent to the Merrimack River. It looks like I'll be doing a lot more driving at night. It's gonna suck.
  6. That does seem a bit high, but I guess if you can slide the goal posts between the maximum 60 days of precip, it seems at least plausable.
  7. NOAA precip totals for various storm events (this one is for Dracut).
  8. 3.38" yesterday, another 0.40" so far in the bucket today in Lowell. Heard a report of 10.8" in Cranston, RI.
  9. Sad news. I heard it had to do with the Natick commuter rail accident as well. God bless her family.
  10. Given the car shortage, more than I thought, but the same '22 model is about 20% more than I what paid 3 years ago.
  11. Spoke to my neighbor that owns one, me the other, supposedly they're near the end of life. If one of those lands on my house, it'll be crushed. I'm guessing the weight about 20k#'s each, whereas the Norway spruce is probably around 2-3k#'s.
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