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  1. I did the same thing. I think I spent about $10 on Amazon, then broke down and finally bought a nice pair of goggles on a black Friday sale. I hate spending money on goggles b/c they always seem to get pretty mucked up with scratches. Thinking about doing a couple runs as BW, but that's a lot of driving for one top to bottom run.
  2. about a mile from the northern end (as the crow flies)
  3. Been hovering around freezing since last night. Currently a light glaze on the deck. 31.9F
  4. Nice coating this morning, temps might not make it to freezing until Thursday with a chance of maybe an inch of snow between now and then. Deep frying the turkey in the 30's on the back deck. Actually looking forward to this Thanksgiving with just the 4 of us.
  5. Apparently rain flipped back to snow on MWN. I'm guessing it's probably snowing down to about 3-4k and should be dropping throughout the day.
  6. Wachusett first in the east to open to the general public. I wonder if that's a first?
  7. I found this an interesting read on the sheriff's of VT:
  8. Just took a peek at the Euro and GFS. Improvements in both. At least we're moving in the right direction. A white NNE Thanksgiving would be a welcome sight, even if it comes a day late.
  9. Will VT allow folks from other states to even buy lift tickets? That's really the only way I could see them having any control of out of state skiers if they want to enforce it. I agree ski areas will be open, certainly in NH where I see no way a former ski resort owner is current governor. NH was also the last to shut down last winter. Live Free or Die, lol
  10. I was just going thinking this AM if no nearby (NH) mountains open for Thanksgiving, I still couldn't to to Vermont even from Grafton County, NH. I wonder if it's even worth opening for VT resorts if only Vermonter's are allowed to ski? Particularly with little/no income from F/B. Between the $hit weather and Covid, 20-21 is off to a terrible start. Looking like I'll be getting a lot of bony back country exercise.
  11. That line couldn't have come at a better time. Nice win,.
  12. Glad the Pat's scored early. It'll be a wet and wild 4th quarter.
  13. I'm sure there will be a handful of mountains opening next weekend, maybe sooner.