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  1. I've seen traffic on 93 back to almost pre-Covid levels the past few weekends.
  2. Touche! I've broken collar bone and humerus, dislocated shoulder (twice), sprained knee and thumbs, been impaled in the arse by a fallen tree. Lost unknown toe nails due to oversized boots, bruised ribs and probably dealt with minor frostbite, frostnip on countless occasions. But the scariest of them all was falling into a tree hole at Stowe that took me over 1/2 hour to get out.
  3. I think it'll be a big mistake if they don't loosen up restrictions. The feared transmission from urban southern New England states to rural northern NE counties never materialized. Skiing is probably one of the safest activities I can think of.
  4. and so it begins this last day of summer.
  5. I think 2010-2011 was pretty good for the 128-495 belt. I'm wondering how the Whites did... now that's where I'm calling home in winter.
  6. Anyone have a map of how NE did in 10/11? Who were the winners and losers?
  7. Was that a new record low? I know 40's are pretty rare in Boston this time of year. 39.3/31 low for me (Thornton) this AM.
  8. If I were them, I'd blow out some mice tomorrow morning for some cheap PR. Low dew's and 31F for a low would likely make it possible. Edit, looks like temps and especially dew's won't be low enough.
  9. Another 1.32" in past hour. Storm total 2.32". That's about 2 inches in 90 minutes about a 10 year storm event (using Boston IDF curves). Rational Method - IDF Curve.pdf
  10. 0.98" and about 0.75 of it cam in the past 15 minutes (Lowell).
  11. Great, another virus/bacteria we need to worry about. On a happier note, I'm seeing first flakes fly at Breckenridge. Bring on winter!
  12. Might as well watch the temp drop and radar flip:
  13. They always seem to get heavy snows early in the season. Usually the first ski area to open 100%