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  1. I think I beat Killington's announcement to the punch.
  2. Looks like Killington began snowmaking this AM.
  3. Hard to tell if it's snowing at the top of Wildcat. Looks like snow, but probably melting on contact. I'd guess there's a chance of a very light accumulation above about 3500' https://www.mountwashington.org/premium-content/webcam-videos/ravines.aspx
  4. Looks like potential for first flakes in the mountains Wednesday/Thursday.
  5. Thought it was close. Fairview Lane in Portsmouth, RI is where the EF0 briefly touched down in October 2019.
  6. Not too far from the EF0 they had a couple years ago.
  7. Nordica Enforcer 95's with Solomon Shift bindings. Another great all-mountain ski. Coming from 68's under foot, definitely took a couple days getting used to.
  8. I walked along the Cliff Walk this morning. Seas were pretty angry. Prolly had a few gusts in the 50's. Lots of branches/old trees down.
  9. I think someone is going to hit 90, but it will likely be east.
  10. poll question, will Block Island record a 90mh gust?
  11. Inner core looking healthy. He's swinging hard in the 15th round.
  12. Stopped by local gas station, no gas, but they did have ice.
  13. With that track, going to push some water up into Buzzards and Narraganset bays. Flooding tomorrow/night.
  14. Just arrived at my in-laws in Portsmouth, RI. Looks like Newport might be the farthest I need travel tomorrow.
  15. Still has 12-15 hrs of favorable SST's, then it's probably just maintaining strength at a minimal Cat 1 at landfall. I'm heading down to inlaws in Portsmouth, RI then prolly head down to either Point Judith, or Watch Hill. Will prolly be the biggest tropical system I'll experience to date.
  16. So is Reggie, Canadian and GFS
  17. It appears there is an eye beginning to form on satellite. Not surprised it was upgraded to a 'cane.
  18. I take it you haven't looked at any models since last night?
  19. At 8AM, central pressure is at 993mb, so it's apparently dropped 3mb since the 5AM update. Still looks like crap on satellite, but shear is down and it definitely looks more vertically stacked. I think it intensifies into a cane by 11AM. Also, starting to see what I think might be the core on radar.
  20. Also lol'd at the NAVGEM. Just checked it for shit's and giggles. Still, lot more model spread this AM between the two camps. NAM taking it just northeast of NYC and GFS is almost into Newport, RI.
  21. It's been improving throughout the day. Be interesting to see if this latest pulse produces an eye. Not sure why the Saffir Simpson Scale begins at 65kts, but it seems to be the difference between a discernible eye or not.
  22. Block Island looks like the place to be Sunday. Well for any of us.
  23. Trying to form an eye. It might be upgraded at 5, but I think more likely tonight at 11 pm update.
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