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  1. I'm trying not to think about it, but have seen a few passing references in the storm thread (should be a ban-able offense). It would figure that we finally get a good one after all the cold and dry, only to see it washed away a few days later. Unfortunately these big storms are often pattern-changers.
  2. I also hate seeing areas of bare ground. That's one thing I didn't like about being in central NY during college, despite the occasional wind-whipped lake-effect fun; you'd have entire hillsides of exposed grass.
  3. That was a great storm here, partly because of the pre-game event leading into the main show. Noticed that the GYX pm AFD is fairly understated, which seems appropriate at this stage. I have to admit that I told my wife this evening that we should make sure we do any needed grocery shopping during the day tomorrow because it looks like something potentially big is coming and I'm assuming that the hype machine could be in overdrive by tomorrow night.
  4. That was a great one - one of the all-time positive surprises around here. Still so far out from this. I hope we don't end up looking back wistfully at the numbers being thrown around today.
  5. This is my main metric as well. I've fired up my snow-blower twice - both for moderate events which barely justified it. If not for the snowcover we had around Christmas, I'd classify this winter as a complete disaster so far from a snow perspective. Monday's storm was a Grinch-worthy wipe-out, and it appears that we're going to get through January without a single significant event. And now we appear to be staring down the barrel of a February torch. I'm shifting gears and hoping for decent conditions for my Montana ski trip in late February; at least out there it shouldn't rain (in theory).
  6. I thought my weather station sensor batteries were dead when I got up early this morning and saw it displaying 38F. Now in Boston for the day, enjoying the light rain.
  7. After today's Grinch here I'm gearing up for another whiff. That seems to be our pattern.
  8. 47 with sun peeking through after 1.15" of rain and a lot of wind. Left with patches, piles and puddles.
  9. Up to 43 with just under an inch of water in the gauge. Still raining and blowing, but the wind seems to be subsiding some. Pack almost completely wiped out, with a few more hours of 40s to go. Lots of ponding and downed limbs.
  10. Perversely impressed with how the warmth invaded right as the precip started here; gotta tip your cap. It’s an absolute fire hose of wind-driven rain. Congrats to those away from the coast, and to my old college stomping grounds in central NY (though WNY is the jack).
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