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  1. PWMan

    The Little Storm That Could - March 3/4

    With a few exceptions, we don't tend to do quite as well in these blockbuster scenarios. For the most part we've meh'd our way to decent seasonal totals, and we'll have coverage longer than SNE (though some would argue that's not necessarily a good thing this time of year). This was an odd one in that we were on the northern fringe of the goods but also had marginal temps. We were at or just above freezing for most of the storm. Ended up with about 6" here, but while out clearing the driveway it looked like only about 4" on most paved surfaces - with some bare spots under trees.
  2. PWMan

    Perhaps a Coastal Storm on March 2nd for SNE????

    Impressive how so many events - even the small ones - have managed to underperform. Glad the folks in SE CT, RI and SE Mass are finally getting some.
  3. PWMan

    NE snow event March 4th

    Looking like we almost totally whiff on Saturday and are trending toward yet another nuisance event for Monday up here. At least this time of year that stuff disappears quickly.
  4. PWMan

    NE snow event March 4th

    Our season of nickels and dimes continues. Right around average seasonal snowfall without any one storm over 6”.
  5. PWMan

    February 12th-14 Redeveloper Nowcast/Obs

    Sleet won't be denied. Yet another taint-fest as expected.
  6. PWMan

    Winter Re-Awakening - February 12-14th Redeveloper

    I know we won't get any sympathy from the SNE folks who are flirting with futility, but this has been a frustrating winter despite being right around seasonal averages so far. Virtually every storm has turned into a slop-fest, and of course we've had the torches in between. Anyway, this has the look of a 6" thump followed by some pelting before we dry slot. Then we garnish it with some rain on Friday before refreezing everything.
  7. PWMan

    Winter Re-Awakening - February 12-14th Redeveloper

    lol - give me a break. Those types of maps drive me nuts because they imply a level of precision that just isn’t there.
  8. PWMan

    Winter Re-Awakening - February 12-14th Redeveloper

    The new AFD talks about warmer upper levels and colder low levels, resulting in substantial sleet. Either way I'm also surprised they'd leave the non-mountain zones in a watch at this point, as the impact will be substantial whether it's snow or sleet -- and their probablistic winter product shows > 60% likelihood of 6+ inches in Portland and other southern/coastal areas with the forecast onset about 24 hours away.
  9. PWMan

    1/29-1/30 obs

    Looks like about 6” here in Scarborough, and still coming down as this last band works through. 18F
  10. PWMan

    Super, Duper SWFE

    Curious to see if we ever get back to snow here. Glad we don’t have ZR and realize that others have had it worse this season, but this has been an undeniable disappointment snow-wise coming after days and days of forecast agreement around double-digit totals here.
  11. PWMan

    Super, Duper SWFE

    Down to 7, IP+ This will be fun to clear!
  12. PWMan

    Super, Duper SWFE

    Just had to have one of those difficult conversations with my 13YO: “Dad, how can it be 8 degrees and not snowing?” Someone should really put out a meteorological facts-of-life pamphlet for curious adolescents. Otherwise they’ll just get misinformation from their friends at school...
  13. PWMan

    Super, Duper SWFE

    Glad to hear that low-level cold is over-performing, but it seems like the pingers were well ahead of schedule up this way. The last forecasts/discussions I’d seen didn’t anticipate the surge of upper warmth until around midday. Hoping for some back-end accumulations I guess, but the forecast 12+ seems like a lost cause right now.
  14. PWMan

    Super, Duper SWFE

    Absolutely pounding sleet at 8F - so loud it woke me up. Looks like we got maybe 4-5” of snow before changeover?
  15. PWMan

    Winter Begins Jan 20th AWT

    I don’t live in SNE.