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  1. Truly amazing. It has been nice to see the sun this month though.
  2. The 24th will absolutely happen because we're scheduled to fly to Key West that morning. Our one big snow event this season was when I was trying to get back from Chicago on 1/5.
  3. Rain and wind have definitely verified here this season. Snow, not so much.
  4. 3-5 seemed bullish, but I figured 2" was in the bank. What a winter. At least the sun is coming out.
  5. Another bust. Was forecast for 3-5 overnight, and barely have a dusting. We can’t even pull off a simple clipper anymore.
  6. So I'm inferring from all the posts about extreme heat that folks aren't excited about the clipper.
  7. Settling into the reality of bare ground having missed today's storm, with not much of interest on the horizon. As others mentioned, the ski areas could really use some help. My UVM son who's been skiing Jay said on Sunday that conditions were decidedly meh.
  8. I don't know if I can remember an instance like this where snow is being shunted south of me while my temp sits above freezing. Nothing makes sense anymore. Anyway, congrats to SNE - well overdue.
  9. My area was never in the game for really big totals, but at this time yesterday we were progged for 6-8 and as of this morning the NWS GYX probabilistic map still had us at >60% for 6+. Now it looks quite possible that we won't see a single flake. As others have noted, what makes it especially bewildering is that the goalposts had seemed to close and we were down to minor oscillations - then the rug got pulled out completely less than 24 hours out. It also seems unusual to have things move south so dramatically in the absence of a big dome of cold air pushing down; usually you associate suppression with deep cold. It feels like spring out there again today.
  10. The fact that the NYC area now looks to get buried will make this even worse, as it will be a major national news story. Family from out west who aren't weather geeks and don't understand NE geography will be calling and texting to ask me how we're holding up.
  11. Looking forward to weenie posts about whether that’s been adequately factored into modeling.
  12. The colors are triggering. I honestly think some people see the oranges and reds and think it's going to be 70s and 80s.
  13. At least the areas that actually need snow for economic reasons are getting it and retaining it. Could still use more "useless" cold for the ponds and lakes.
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