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  1. CAR posted about reports of this from their area earlier this evening.
  2. There is a winter version of the heat-and-humidity thing. It's "But with the WIND it will feel like ___."
  3. I've been struck by that too. There haven't been any freak shorts-and-t-shirts days, but we've had lots of 40s for highs and the nights have been very mild. Even during our "cold" stretches here when we've managed to get some snow, we've rotted at right around freezing.
  4. You're absolutely right. And as you know, there's been a recent spate of unhoused deaths due to suspected foul play. Portland, like a lot of cities, has a real challenge on its hands - and a stretch like this will be very dangerous. I'd imagine that they're planning and mobilizing now.
  5. I just love the dismissive “it’ll never happen” posts. What a way to go through life. And why are you on a board for weather enthusiasts?
  6. All the talk about a flash-freeze with plummeting temps tonight, and we're still hovering in the 30s. Forecast low has inched from the mid-teens to lower 20s. Cold seems to find a way to underperform at every turn.
  7. Now back to mid-30s with wind shift, but will likely head back toward 40 as the day goes on. Pack is solid and saturated.
  8. Got the CT treatment on this one. Super soaker - over 2" of rain. 44
  9. I’d love to see that scrolling along the bottom of my TV screen.
  10. Yep - always the danger when you're riding the fence in this type of pattern, especially this close to the coast. At least it looks like I wont' be clearing 4+ inches of waterlogged snow from my driveway.
  11. Well that was fun. Already light rain at 34. So much for the front-end thump and late-night changeover. Got maybe half an inch of snow.
  12. 26 here with a DP around 24. Hope we can make hay for a while.
  13. At this point I'm just hoping to avoid several hours of heavy rain.
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