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August Discussion/Obs


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13 minutes ago, Ginx snewx said:

Why bring it in was the question 

Heat stress. It's an autoflower strain that flowers/buds without changes in light in 90 days. The strain originated from northern Russia/Asia where they grow fast under the 24/7 sunlight there. So they don't tolerate heat well. 


Because C. ruderalis transitions from the vegetative stage to the flowering stage with age, as opposed to the light cycle required with photoperiod strains, it is bred with other household sativa and indica strains of cannabis to create "auto-flowering cannabis strains".[14] These strains are favorable for cultivars because they exhibit the hardiness of ruderalis plants while still maintaining the medicinal effects of sativa and indica strains.[15] Cultivators also favor ruderalis plants due to their reduced production time, typically finishing in 3-4 months rather than 6-8 months. The auto-flowering trait is extremely beneficial because it allows for multiple harvests in one outdoor growing season without the use of light deprivation techniques necessary for multiple harvest of photo-period strains. A


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Went for a hike after work today, holy crap. Felt like I was on a spiritual journey in a Native American sweat lodge, only thing missing was hallucinating on peyote.

Haven’t been soaked with sweat like that in a very long time, ha.  Like jumping into the river with all my clothes on.  Even my wallet and shoes are wet somehow.

Does oddly feel cleansing sweating that much but a good 2-hour workout in this weather means we need to replace that dehydration with double IPAs I guess.

7pm and it’s still 84/72 at MVL.  Wild.

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