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Kids soccer game got cancelled last Saturday. Makeup game tonight. Another game tomorrow AM. It's gonna be soggy out there. If they don't get cancelled!

Looking ahead, hoping I can make my family suffer through no AC over the weekend, especially Sunday/Monday. Aiming for an air conditioning season of May 20th - October 20th only!

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16 hours ago, GramaxRefugee said:

Is Benson a red poodle by any chance? A year ago I didn't know there was such a breed; now we have one.

(Had several poodles, but not a red)


Technically he's a cavapoodle but it seems like he's mostly poodle based on his legs length and curly fur. So yup, seems like there is such a thing. 


Your dog basically looks like a larger version of Benson.  




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How does it rain so much here in every season but winter?  Since 2018 it's been so wet every warm season.  If we could translate it to some snow that would be cool but no, it's just rainy every spring/summer.  Really sick of it.  Makes years like 2012 seem like some sort of mythical unicorn.  

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6 hours ago, yoda said:

Who's ready for the first real heat wave next Saturday?

Temps at DCA at 18z SAT:

12z Euro: 95

12z GFS: 93

12z CMC: 89

I'll be fishing Rocky Gap State Park next Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Hoping it's warm and gets the fish into the shallows.

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