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  1. Flurries in Alexandria. Merry Christmas y’all! .
  2. Since the rain has slowed, I've risen from upper 50s to ~61 at 1030 pm
  3. Just learned from @H20 I’m in the same vicinity as you all. Praying for a few fatties with you! .
  4. I was just thinking about this the other day. What IS the very beginning? I've been in here for ~ 8-9 years (mostly observing/learning) and for sharing obs/photos.
  5. Nice! I’m technically in White Oaks. I’m about a mile away from you! Just on the other side of 1. .
  6. Where at? I just moved to Hollin Hills. .
  7. 53 degrees (according to a the Jeep) at 2000 feet — 1030 am. Northern end of Shenandoah National Park. Broke a sweet on the trail with just a sweatshirt. .
  8. Street flooded and have a waterfall in our front yard. .
  9. OK. Make that heavy. Gutters can't keep up. Under some dark reds.
  10. Nice batch of moderate rain passing through here.