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  1. In bubbling for the last couple hours in downtown DC .
  2. Short Pump about to get whacked.
  3. HRRR has decent rain later today too.
  4. My slight/enhanced risk days usually end in garden variety storms; My garden variety days usually end in damaging wind and hail.
  5. Agreed. Somewhere on the mall seems appropriate and reasonable.
  6. I’ve been posting photos here as obs for 10 years [emoji2373]
  7. Our for a dog/baby walk and it’s actually delightful out.
  8. Crazy Gust passed through with that front thingy. Whole house creaked.
  9. Watching/hoping that outflow triggers from heat relief down here via a down pour.
  10. Was radar watching too. And just like that a cell went warned.
  11. UP TO 4 INCHES OF RAIN FELL OVERNIGHT FRIDAY INTO SATURDAY MORNING - WITH FLOODING. MORE COMING. Many areas received quite the drenching overnight! 2-4" of rain in parts of of the District and areas west and southwest, also Southern Maryland. Reagan National Airport near the jackpot with 4"!!! How much did you get? Did you see flooding? While the rain has eased, it's not over. Rain may actually redevelop into the afternoon and continue into the evening, longer than anticipated previously. Updated forecast: https://wapo.st/3uC376i Posted 840a Saturday.
  12. CWG calling on unanticipated round 2
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