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  1. Please no. Getting married on Saturday in my backyard
  2. Heading up early Friday to backpack in the Roaring Plaines
  3. .
  4. I've been tapping into KDOX, but it obviously doesn't have great coverage our way. Can anyone suggest a good alternative while LWX is down?
  5. Just seeing this. Thank YOU! Wall mount would be cool, but not necessary for me.
  6. Evening folks. Recently bought a home in Alexandria. First time in my life not renting. Excited to install a WX station. What are you all using? I've got a remote, digital thermometer, but would love a station that measures wind and rainfall too. Everything on google/amazon recommends this, but I'm hesitant to trust the algorithms. Appreciate any recommendations you have or testimonies. Thanks. Here's what I'm looking at RN.
  7. Looks like maybe some training setting up along and East of 95. .
  8. Doug said NWS doesn’t think enough LL rotation to warrant warming. .
  9. Verbatim: sprinkles for DC. Will be fun to watch radar later today. .
  10. 18Z HRRR looking a little more robust this evening for DC metro
  11. Wasn't aware of that page/product. Thanks! Bookmarked now.
  12. For today or tomorrow? SPC still showing SLGT for me for both days.
  13. Sun keeps showing it’s face intermittently. .