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  1. Wasn’t even aware of the eclipse. Thanks for sharing.
  2. At least we have some action in our vicinity much earlier today than we did yesterday. I’m hopeful something nearby triggers something for MBY!
  3. You’re not too far from me. I’m over between route 1 and Fort Hunt Road.
  4. Straight soup outside. I feel like I’m in the Amazon.
  5. They are really singing this afternoon!
  6. Down hard 24 hours after Moderna 2.0. Wife and I pulled out couch and haven’t moved all day.
  7. We just got jacked. Thunder clap over the house. Flooded yard. Temp drop by 20 degrees. And just pot side the TS Watch/Warning.
  8. I said the same exact same thing earlier in the disco thread. DC does well in these conditions. .
  9. This is the kind of day that usually produces for DC. Even after dark. Radar looks like it’s popping just west of DC.
  10. I did the same thing!