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  1. Video of me running around the house assessing damage.
  2. Got absolutely hammered. Power still out. Sent wife to basement. Quarter sized hail. South of Old Town.
  3. JebRide? Cruising the neighborhood to watch the incoming outflow
  4. Beautiful outside. LOVE the sun after gloomy couple of days. Also, feel like it's the first time the season I'm excited to watch a line move in from the west crossing 81 now.
  5. Turned my AC on just to get the moisture out of the house.
  6. Looks like a nice little thump with embedded lightning incoming from SW Of DC area.
  7. Looks like overnight boomers incoming. CWG says could be loud due to temp inversion.
  8. Looks like high pressure parks off the coast for a few days- leaving the low no escape.
  9. Can’t personally confirm. But there’s a lot of photos circulating on DT’s thread that show sig accumulation of hail from the storms down south!
  10. Been stalking radar hoping for a surprise pop up.
  11. I was up too. 6 am. Two nice soakers so far today.
  12. Pretty good downpour. Good sleeping weather.
  13. Sounds awesome. Been looking myself. Where are you building?
  14. I’ve been watching the high level clouds march east over the last hour on satellite.
  15. Noticed DT sounded an “Aleet” this morning.
  16. You must have been snoring good! It was rocking and rolling for about 20 mins around 1130.
  17. 78 degrees. Sunny. Beautiful. Light breeze.
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