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  1. Dense fog along the PA/MD border. .
  2. Happy to host on my deck when we’re all comfortable doing so. .
  3. Have been patiently awaiting out of curiosity. I’m 1.4 miles west of the Potomac as the crow flies. .
  4. I think that’s what Ji’s plan was. Every other superstition has struggled to produce for many of us this winter. .
  5. Dang. It's ripping fatties!
  6. Have a 20oz ribeye on the Weber. Deck is a skate rink right now. .
  7. 26 degrees. Light sleet. .
  8. Beautiful clouds looking east over the Potomac this evening. .
  9. Heading to NC to see wife’s family. Just south of Richmond is a mess trees down everywhere on interstate 85. .
  10. Interstate 85 is a mess. Trees down everywhere. .
  11. On 85 now. Trees falling across the highway. .
  12. Just drove from DC to south of Richmond. 95 is fine. Icing showing up up signs. .
  13. Spiked at 51° about an hour ago. Some clouds rolled in and now backed off to 49° Managed to rip myself from work and had a wonderful lunchtime dog walk.
  14. I know.... but still.... Not used to seeing all flakes on this thing. Had to check to make sure I wasn’t looking at State College. .
  15. Wow that’s great! Saw the storm markers on RadarScope and was jealous! .
  16. Jealous you’ve been! Studied the flood thoroughly while a PSU [emoji2] .
  17. Long drawn out. I personally haven’t had big accumulation but I have loved seeing flakes on consecutive days. .
  18. Some decent snow after 6 hours of SLT accumulation. .