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Thursday 1/20/22 Stat Padder Discussion and Observations


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2 minutes ago, toolsheds said:

Same here.  wasn't @H2O was the trailblazer in the race to 50 last year. 

I’m the youngest old person here. 

Just now, FXW176 said:

I would ask him, but it’s now waaay past his bed time.

Nah.  I had 4 naps today. I’m spry…..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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23 minutes ago, nw baltimore wx said:

God. The ETA.

I hear ya. Gonna be 52. DiFax charts with the ETA, but before that, the NGM, AVN, MRF, and (*cough*) LFM.

Baratropic model was a little before my time (Thank God). 

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22 minutes ago, Yeoman said:

NGM and AVN, baby! I'm a half century this year, as well.. hard to believe

AVN's claim to fame: It NAILED the March 12-13 1993 Superstorm/Storm of the Century at least 5 days prior. It was very well forecasted, much like the Jan 22 2016 was once we got within 120 hours. 

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GFS is pretty bullish with the snow *fall*, but this could be one of those instances (ground sfc temps initially) where the actual snow is closer to the pos snow depth change map, or something between the two..

Screenshot (29).png

Screenshot (31).png

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3 minutes ago, mattie g said:

Because there’s nothing else to focus on in the near term?

I would love to see actual data on snow removal budgets in other places across the country. I do snow removal for the state in Chantilly and I can tell you first hand how much money gets wasted. This area is a complete laughing stock when it comes to winter weather.  

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