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  1. This was this morning and has since been updated.
  2. This is literally going in the opposite direction.
  3. Looks like the latest track puts remnants south of our area.
  4. Was down there last week and beginning of this week. Weather was gorgeous!
  5. Complete overcast here In fauquier county. Do we ever clear out in the mid Atlantic to maximize any severe potential lol
  6. He is very in depth on a lot of things. Thankfully he’s not a local met down there where thousands of people could be listening to him at this hour saying Laura is a weak storm.
  7. Looks like cranky on Twitter is refusing to admit he was completely wrong on the intensity of Laura. Still believes Laura has reached her peak.
  8. I would appear Laura’s center is now over the open gulf.
  9. Isabel was a weakening storm at landfall. Over the last few years we have seen a trend In storms strengthening prior to landfall thanks to climate change and overall warming of coastal waters. Given the warmth of the waters this year, anything with a similar track like Isabel would be much more devastating to the majority of this area. People say I’m crazy all the time but our area is well overdue.
  10. Isabel was a big deal for areas west of 95/66. No power for 8 days. It was the last real storm out this way I remember.
  11. The caps have been consistently one of the best teams in hockey for years. Yes only one cup to show for it. But let’s face it, the caps and pens are like staring at a rebuild.
  12. Pretty consistent burst of heavy rain thunder and lightening since about 5:30 in Haymarket area.
  13. Are we looking at a more widespread coverage in the next few days??
  14. 1-3 inches of rain in the immediate metro is pretty common lol. This is a bay event. I think most would agree. Nonetheless, congrats to them!!
  15. CWG seems to agree with the slight shift East. slight but it’s enough to easily push the heavy rain toward the bay.
  16. I would think that wouldn't matter in our case. Further jogs East, the rain and wind go with it.
  17. What is rainfall looking like say out toward rt 15 and fauquier county area???
  18. Not enthused at all west of 95 for significant rain. Was hoping we could get this to nudge a little more west today but that doesn’t look like it’s going to happen.
  19. Everyone knows the rain is going to be the bigger issue.
  20. Yes! 50-60mph gust....and some were higher and sustained 30mph if I recall. That’s rare here.
  21. When was the last time the entire area actually had something to talk about here lol??? Certainly wasn’t this past winter!!!