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  1. It’s frustrating we can’t manage a widespread event, I live between 95 and 81 and it’s been pretty dry, grass is brown. I don’t like a dry summer going into a La Niña fall and winter!!!
  2. That’s is more than likely what will occur.
  3. This weather has been absolutely boring!
  4. I think many were surprised yesterday with the coverage. We don’t get that luck two days in a row. The air mass today feels a touch more bearable versus yesterday.
  5. That may bode well for us after our recent run of fails lol
  6. Was in Tampa this week, got back here and honestly couldn’t tell the difference between the two in terms of climate.
  7. It appears as though early look at the long range track looks to void our area of impacts.
  8. What are rainfall amounts looking like?
  9. It really is boring weather though lol
  10. It does seem like for now that the southern mid Atlantic and south will continue to get hit with the heavy rainfall events. It also appears that severe threats will be rather non existent.
  11. This is run of the mill rainfall. And it’s been relatively light with a few burst of moderate.
  12. I know topography and etc play a roll when it comes to flooding but based on possible amounts East of DC some areas could see 2-4 inches but yet that map depicts a low chance of flooding there. That doesn’t make much sense.