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  1. I live in culpeper and it in fact it ended with 8-10 inches. Countless roads gone and one bridge collapse. Numerous swift water rescues due to ignorant people. The water rise was so quick it was mind blowing.
  2. I was assume those amounts are going to be more isolated versus widespread?
  3. I see nothing good happening in the first round for the caps. Anything less then 100% against what will likely be Boston, I see an early first round exit.
  4. First time since when??? Lol
  5. Yeah HWW have rarely verified in our area with the exception of what two years ago!?
  6. What’s crazy is vdot actually spent ALOT of money this winter on snow removal. The last “storm” many local vdot yards had a salt shortage. Will be interesting to see the final numbers.
  7. More snow tonight versus the couple inches predicted last storm lmao
  8. Ground is covered in warrenton area, back roads struggling to melt, temp 34
  9. Moderate to heavy snow. Warrenton va
  10. So as we near the end of “winter” what would y’all’s opinion be on how and why we failed on so many potential big events in the mid Atlantic?? It truly did seem like it was all around us this year but we could never score area wide and why the models even short term models failed badly on many events? Last week was a prime example, many of us expected to start snow and several hours of snow only to wake up to sleet from the start.
  11. Been all sleet in chantilly. This may be one of the biggest bust in quite a while.
  12. No one really cares about your “imby” approval.
  13. That is actually depressing. Literally a heartbreaker.
  14. Two more model suites before I think anyone can even begin to accurately predict amounts given how the winter has gone. Not saying anything that I’m sure everyone on here doesn’t already know but this is far from set in stone. I would think bust potential is fairly high.
  15. Posted by a met on Twitter, 110% valid point. Why go against the seasonal trend and that has been a rug pull at the last minute.