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  1. Heavy sleet in northern fauquier. Trace amount of snow. Next!!
  2. Can we all agree at least we are not starved for moisture!? After the mini drought we had, we have rebounded nicely regardless if it’s frozen precip or not.
  3. It will look complete different this time tomorrow.
  4. One thing is for sure, we do disappointments so well around here lol. Idc what anyone says, tracking winter weather around here is fun regardless of the outcome.
  5. I don’t think anyone could complain about these looks. We all know what typical November looks like around here. BN temps are a plus imo.
  6. Ground is white in Marshall va!!
  7. Radar would suggest if anyone sees flakes, it’s 95 eastward.
  8. Well this looks like a complete fail for some first flakes!!
  9. 3 days out maybe, not 7 days away in November. Not saying impossible but unlikely.
  10. Northern fauquier county here, no lightning and was your typical spring storm with some gusty winds brief heavy rain. Not impressed.
  11. Clear blue sky fauquier county!
  12. So basically expect some showers? Enough to be a nuisance versus it lol
  13. It’s dry and nasty out. Being so dry makes it worse imo. I’d say fall colors will be slim to none.