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  1. So basically expect some showers? Enough to be a nuisance versus it lol
  2. It’s dry and nasty out. Being so dry makes it worse imo. I’d say fall colors will be slim to none.
  3. I’m just counting how many swing and misses we can rack up here in the mid Atlantic lol.
  4. Pretty good chance this is now a recurve ots.
  5. Isabel was of course a rare instance in itself.
  6. I was down for the cleanup in New Bern after Florence. Wasn’t pretty. Wind damage was evident, Mostly to the pines. but the flooding was devastating. Particularly Fairfield harbor which most houses had at least 4-6ft of water inside.
  7. It seems we have seen the closest this storm will get to our area on the models the last 24 hours. One would think huge shifts in the track at this point seem unlikely for significant impacts locally in our area.
  8. I looked like a pretty significant dip to the SW.
  9. Yep. So close but yet so far lol. Large portions of the area could use the rain.