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  1. You’ve been hard at this for the last month! Any luck yet?!
  2. To early to talk hurricane season?
  3. Looks like another healthy slug of rain moving in early afternoon.
  4. As someone who gets eaten alive, I’m dreading this coming summer.
  5. Y’all still here chasing fantasy patterns and fake snow I'm only kidding! Anyone placing bets on March delivering SOMETHING!?!
  6. Noticed around lunch time the heavy stuff was 95 and well east. Not even a half inch here.
  7. Radar looks rather lame. Movement of the heavy stuff looks to setup east of 95. Imo west of 95 looks like an inch maybe 1 1/2.
  8. If it were March 31 today where would this winter rank in terms of lack of snowfall?!?
  9. Or maybe it was never really real to begin with.....
  10. Please correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t the overall pattern Not support a big storm idea?!?
  11. At least we will enter spring not in drought conditions lol
  12. Temp has quickly risen. 35 now in northern fauquier. Now bring the rain to wash the salt away!!
  13. What are we actually following here??