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  1. 1.3" and still moderate in Haymarket.
  2. Moderate snow with big flakes at 29F. Haymarket
  3. Rimed flakes, probably some sleet. Whatever it is, it is not a high ratio. Feels colder and wind is cranking up a little bit out of NNE.
  4. Has stayed all snow so far in Haymarket. Just started to pick back up with bigger flakes. 30F
  5. I have been sitting on my front porch with big jacket, hat, gloves, and bourbon. Rates have definitely picked up, the sidewalks have caved, and the treated road is starting to justify a school cancellation for tomorrow. 30F Haymarket.
  6. Is anyone seeing the snow actually accumulate on roads yet? Grass covered, sidewalks caved, but nothing on roads in Haymarket at 30F right now.
  7. Grass is completely covered, sidewalks slightly covered, pre treated roads are clear. 31F in Haymarket.
  8. Nice steady snow, Streets still clear, but sidewalks starting to cave. 32F in Haymarket
  9. NCAA Basketball Conference Championships on a Saturday, a little bourbon to drink, some Ben and Jerry's Half Baked to eat, and a storm to track. #winningoffthefield
  10. Good thing I watered the grass yesterday. Bone dry in Haymarket. Splitsville.
  11. Quite a bit of lightning and house rattling thunder here in Haymarket this morning and early this afternoon. 38F
  12. I am a total noob, but I don't like the trajectory of the radar. I guess it is time to accept a 1-2 inch snowfall. Richmond to Williamsburg looks pretty good, VA Beach about to get crushed.
  13. First snowflakes of the season in Haymarket.
  14. Just left dinner from VA Gateway in Gainesville at 50F, drove 11 minutes to Haymarket and 37 degrees. Interesting weather day.
  15. Rain has let up quite a bit, but the house has been shaking from thunder for the last 5 minutes.