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  1. Solid storm coming through Haymarket right now. Definitely have had some 50+ mph gusts so far.
  2. I have been lurking in this forum for a few days in preparation for our annual trip to Edgartown. You all are obsessed with dew points!! It felt like a Northern VA October day today on MV, an absolute 10 of a day today at the beach. How are we looking on MV for the rest of the week?
  3. Still getting pounded. Looks like 1.3 inches so far.
  4. I think we have been in the sweet spot so far this evening. 3 separate storms so far, getting pounded right now with heavy rain and a lot of T&L
  5. More clouds...meh. 60F
  6. Sleeting in Haymarket right now
  7. It’s been snowing again for the last ten minutes in Haymarket
  8. One last hurrah coming through right now. Big flakes and moderate snow for last 5 minutes.
  9. Nice winter scene to enjoy with a good 3 finger pour. Would love another hour of snowfall. .
  10. Back to Snow+ in Haymarket. Hearing reports of a lot of accidents in WPWC.
  11. Just took a quick run out to the library, roads have deteriorated very quickly. James Madison HWY (Rt 15) with 2 accidents in 1.5 mile stretch. Moderate snow and 32.
  12. Neighborhood roads have caved in Haymarket. Meatballs falling from sky and 33F
  13. Sunshine this morning with clouds starting to move in from the SW. 27/21 in Haymarket.
  14. I have been enjoying a book (and some bourbon) since hearing the pingers and I was pleasantly surprised to just see that there are big fatties falling from the sky.