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  1. I love the photos of yards. I am definitely a lawn perfectionist and appreciate seeing others work. Was it just me or was Mike Seidel drunk on his report from Montauk?
  2. A little bitter that I am out of town this weekend. Looking at all of the pictures of the damage in Haymarket is pretty impressive. Looks like the most damage since the Derecho, and I was out of town for that one as well.
  3. Mother Nature is trying to make up for our dry afternoon. Amazing rain for last 30 minutes.
  4. Tremendous rainfall right now.
  5. The real deal rain is finally falling in Haymarket. Looks like it could be a prolonged period as well. 68F and heavy rain.
  6. Game is finally on in Haymarket. Wind has cranked up and rain is beyond moderate. It is a welcomed rain here, but it looks like there will be some real flood damage north of here.
  7. Sitting on the front porch with some bourbon and intensifying rain. Wind starting to pick up a bit as well. Heading inside to grab a light jacket and some more bourbon. 68F with moderate rain.
  8. You all enjoy. My brethren in PWC know that my screen name is reality tonight. Cloudy and 70F at 10 pm.
  9. Dry pavement still in Haymarket. I believe that is about to come to an end.
  10. Trying to watch Mexico vs Jamaica and have been interrupted twice in last hour because storms are popping up overhead. I look on radar and nothing then 2 minutes later it is thundering and pouring. Pretty cool to have the Directv lead the way on storms popping up, but annoying that I am missing last ten minutes of match.
  11. Just finished taking the dog for a walk and there is a great lightning show taking place to my southeast. Checked the radar and storms are at least 60 miles away. Super starry night above and lightning in the distance, provided a pretty cool backdrop tonight.
  12. Manassas Battlefield, Rt. 29 and 234. Over 4 inches of rain since midnight in Haymarket.
  13. I can confirm Haymarket storm is a good one. Very strong winds, some trees downed. Now some very close lightning strikes as well.
  14. This wave of storms is certainly going to put me up over 10 inches for the month in Haymarket. I had 9.3 coming in to today and it has been absolutely pouring for the last 25 minutes.
  15. 1.3" and still moderate in Haymarket.