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  1. A lot of heavy rain in Haymarket today. Slightly over 2 inches on the day, but zero wind and zero lightning. A bit of a boring day.
  2. Flake size has increased significantly now in Haymarket. Sidewalks and driveway have caved. Fun Friday Happy Hour today.
  3. Temp has definitely dropped in last 30 minutes. Bigger flakes and actually sticking to some surfaces (mulch, patio furniture) in a Haymarket.
  4. Had been mangled flakes mixed with rain for the last 30-45 minutes in Haymarket, but now snow is starting to dominate the mix.
  5. Definite pingers in Haymarket right now, bouncing off windows on side of the house.
  6. SN+ now in Haymarket as the snow has beaten the IP in the last 5 minutes. Big, heavy flakes falling.
  7. First snow plow came through about 10 minutes ago and the road is already covered again. Flake size not as large as it was about 30 minutes ago, but it is still pouring snow in Haymarket. Definitely nearing 3 inches, but will measure at top of the hour.
  8. Absolutely pouring snow in Haymarket. A surprisingly fluffy quality to the snow. Adding up very quickly at the moment, sitting at 2.5 inches @7 am.
  9. 32/21 in Haymarket. No way that we wait until 5 am for precip to start falling. Looks like about 3 am according to radar, however I don't see us getting more than 3 inches in this neck of the woods.
  10. I can confirm that it has been snowing moderately in Oswego City for the last 3-4 hours. Probably about 4-5 inches since 1 pm.
  11. Finishing up here, it looks like with an even two inches of very fluffy snow.
  12. Incoming Fairfax, Arlington, DC, and Alexandria. This is some heavy snow coming to you guys within the next 30 minutes.