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  1. It's been pretty chilly on Anna Maria Island for the last few days. Do you anticipate a warm up in the near future? Our stay here ends on Sunday, but there is a possibility to extend it to the following Saturday (1/23). Do you think the weather will warm up next week to justify staying an additional week? Thank you for any advisement on the weather for the next 3-10 days.
  2. Flurries, transitioning to light snow in Haymarket.
  3. Hopefully you get as much snow as DC and Baltimore did.
  4. I had to go check the street light after your observation. I am not sure if there is any snow mixed in yet here, or if there are just some really big chunks of ice falling from the sky. Either way, it is some interesting weather tonight.
  5. Just flipped from freezing rain to a heavy beatdown of sleet. Power outages starting to pop up in western PWC.
  6. There has been a lot of ice accretion on trees here. If those winds crank up, I would think there will definitely be some damage to those trees. Unless, of course, our temps rise above 32F.
  7. Hahaha! I am clearly a noob. Here is a 3rd attempt.
  8. Before it turns to sleet/rain here in Haymarket.
  9. Uh oh! Crushing big fat flakes here. I probably have a max of 30 minutes left of snow if you switched over in Bristow.
  10. Bumping up to SN now. Neighborhood roads quickly caving. (Haymarket)
  11. -SN and 29/23. Instant stickage of very fine flakes with an occasional large flake joining.