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  1. I'm in OM as well and I'm still seeing snow. Per the CC radar, the changeover likely will be happening shortly.
  2. We all need to hope for the 00z GFS to somehow score a coup tonight. I know it's a bit too late to look at but nice to see it lining up with the recent trends on the HRRR anyway.
  3. Even though temps are around 40 in the Baltimore area, current obs are showing dewpoints in the mid to upper teens. Seems like we have a bit of room to play with here.
  4. Saw that happening earlier in the run. The Sunday "storm" was even more suppressed than last run and in turn the Tuesday storm had more energy to work with. Hopefully, it's a trend.
  5. 12z Euro at 120 looks much better than yesterday's 12z run. Deeper trough and northern stream vort digging more as well.
  6. I saw the same thing. It loads to 138 then directly to 174. Looks similar to 12z at the same timeframe. Now to see exactly how it gets there...
  7. Up here NW of Baltimore, winds started about 15 minutes ago and came in with a force. Most intense gusts were within 5 minutes of onset, but have settled down a bit since then. Looks like some stations close by reported between 50-60 MPH gusts.
  8. The GFS would be in the NAM camp. At this point the Euro and UKMET will be pretty telling to see where we stand.
  9. Anyone else glad the CMC is slow to catch on? Still way south but a bit more development from the 00z run.
  10. Saw the maps on TT and was about to post the same thing. Compared to 0z Sat, the high coming down the plains is a bit slower as well. Anyone with paid maps care to comment?
  11. Agreed. Weaker follow up wave and the high is squashing the storm a bit.
  12. So it seems we're really looking at a few factorsto see if we even have a shot. I know there are others as well- 1. Separation between the midweek "storm" and the follow up wave 2. Strength of the follow up wave. Past couple runs of the GFS have shown more energy; thus, stronger end result 3. Orientation of where the WC ridge sets up. Farther west Ridge, farther west storm. By the way, watching TWC for the first time in who knows how long. Good or bad omen for tonight's runs?
  13. 50 bucks says someone hacks into this gfs run so it shows a snowstorm on d8-d9. Next run will show nothing. On a side note, it's a shame the d4-5 storm cuts. Congrats MN.
  14. 12z CMC has a more vigorous sw behind our mid week storm than the GFS is showing. Decent setup. Not sure anyone cares about day 10 though at this point...
  15. Long time lurker here... it seems that we need the southern SW from the first system to become the dominant LP, as otherwise the front never comes through and the later week storm easily cuts. If the southern shortwave from the Monday system were to develop more as we saw in earlier runs, then the later system has to dig more. Unfortunately, models have been trending away from that idea