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January 16-17, 2022 MLK storm obs/now cast

George BM

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3 minutes ago, GATECH said:

Baro dropping like a rock 29.449” of hg.  Just nasty out there.  Doggo went out and back in record time, he usually likes the rain…


I let my dog out, she pee’d right by the door on the concrete and came back in lol. I guess the heated blanket spoils her 

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31 minutes ago, StormchaserChuck! said:

Well, nice to see the NAO negative and PNA close to positive.


That storm is a literal FIREHOSE! No wonder poor Dale City is 34 and rising. Things are definitely NOT all right in the world for me tonight, as all that rain pours down there.

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I just took an hour long Jebwalk in pelting sleet. It was amazing. Neighborhood kids out going crazy. My wife worried I was going to freeze to death and die. Incredible experience. I will never bitch about sleet again. My 4+ snowpack took a beating. But it is going to freeze into a 3 inch thick sheet of ice over the next couple of days. Oh and check this out. This thing is ridiculous. Straight up monster cyclone over land:

9 - Mid-Level Water Vapor - IR  - 17 Jan 2022 - 0226 UTC

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3 minutes ago, Swiscaster said:

So when is the temperature going to drop?  Looks like the downpours are about to end and I was wondering if it would be better to shovel this 2 inches of slush off the driveway now before it freezes.   

Tomorrow night, sun will take care of it tomorrow.  Save your back.

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1 hour ago, nj2va said:

This is why I love Deep Creek in the winter!  Looks like we just got a high wind warning too. 

Serious consideration for upgrade to Blizzard Warning tomorrow per LWX disco out here in the Allegheny Front. Should be intense regardless of the headlines. 

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