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  1. Pshhh... that model has a known warm bias. We toss and wait for the HH GFS to score the coup...
  2. Isn't it supposed to be windy or something? 12Z NAM 3k has my area experiencing 25-30mph sustained w/ gusts in the 50s at 10am. I barely see the leaves moving...
  3. I often wonder about this myself when I see people's posts on here about very severe storms. While I realize that people's hopes on a website aren't going to change where a storm hits, everyone is a hardass about tornadoes until one destroys their house or worse. I also think a lot of the people who root for tornadoes live in buildings they don't own... apartments, rentals, etc. That or they just don't think it can happen to them and don't much care if it happens to anyone else.
  4. Like this? "News" indeed. Both channels (cable news in general) are a mockery of journalism.
  5. Watch list. It just doesn't wanna snow.
  6. Its better on Pivotal than on WxBell... i may be cancelling my subscription soon and sending my $ to Pivotal lol
  7. Makes total sense - thanks. Effectively the climo has shifted N/NW by a few miles... which since we were almost always extremely close to or on the R/S line, we're now more often than before S/SE of it. So BWI's climo is now more like Annapolis's was 40 years ago. Yours is more like BWI's was 40 years ago.
  8. Maybe I'm dumb, but every chart I've seen depicting CC shows approx a 1 degree C bump globally since ~1980. Is that tiny amount really enough to cause such a drastic change already? I'm sure it can't be explained in detail here, but just looking for the Reader's Digest explanation. To the layperson like myself, 1 degree C warmer over a 40 year span doesn't seem like enough to change our climo drastically.
  9. I feel like this has happened before... maybe recently... Just brutal.
  10. Looking back at previous year NOHRSC Snowfall season maps to this date, we really aren't that far behind our typical climo for most years. Maybe everyone already knows this, but the data show the vast majority of our snow falls after today's date. Maybe others can fill in whether in previous years, by this time we could see a near term workable pattern or not, but at least its a small reason to still be optimistic this 'early'.
  11. You can keep the scythe holstered for now... watch list if both of the next two storms are a fail...
  12. going for a walk and thinking "at least it feels like winter outside"...
  13. One positive from the next week of cold and dry is that the bay will cool down and theoretically diminish my perpetual 3 degree disadvantage