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  1. Southern DE jackpot... Lock it up. They have been on an incredible hot steak
  2. Love that the GFS just put a 6" lolli right on PSU's house. It knows.
  3. My bar here is white rain up to a trashcan topper. I have yet to see a flake this year, so I'm still happy with this event unless it trends to nothing at all.
  4. Has anyone else noticed that the NAM has been pretty insistent on a potent little bay effect squall down at the mouth of the bay after the front passes? Will be interesting to see if that pans out.
  5. Ok, so... Odds of a 6"+ snow is near zero, but what are we thinking about odds of a little snow TV up to a dusting (which is all any of us should realistically be hoping for at this point)? 50/50?
  6. Be gone with your facts and logic
  7. blue sky peeking out in Glen Burnie as well...
  8. Euro is actually calling for quite a bit of lightning with this line... seems hard to believe we'll see a ton of lightning on 10/31, but I guess with a front this strong its possible.
  9. That is a serious cold front... look at the temp gradient. 70 at Andrews and 49 at College Park?
  10. Its been like that all day... not sure what those lines are all about. Interestingly, the local TDWR radars are picking it up too... mass quantities of bugs maybe?
  11. The wind orientation is perfect coming from the NNE so I can tuck my balcony chair into the NW corner and stay dry and watch the waves. I did venture out to the beach for a few mins but the sandblast on my legs was pretty unpleasant. Waves are pretty incredible... quite a few are easily 10-15ft and they've made it over the first dune with still 30 mins or so to high tide. I'm pretty salty that KDOX went down at 10a... smh
  12. OC Report: Didn't leave, thankfully... Wife is not impressed... What else is new Weather is awesome. Yuuge waves and gusts 40-50. Cool stuff. High tide in about 2hrs and waves are already going over that first large dune on the beach. Interested in seeing if they make it to the dunes behind it
  13. Getting breezy in a band down here in OC
  14. I know this is IMBY but I need some advice. I'm in OC right now with the family thru Sunday. We're at 33rd St oceanfront in an oceanfront room. I've personally never experienced tropical storm conditions and while the weather nerd in me is very intrigued, the wife is concerned now that they've upgraded us to TS warning. We're in a big sturdy hotel with an indoor pool and my thought was we'll just be enjoying a rainy windy day inside at the pool. Am I taking it too lightly or is my wife taking it too seriously? 30-40 sustained with gusts in the 50s sounds like no worse than a blizzard or a severe thunderstorm and I would assume the big hotels have generators even if power were to get knocked out for a bit. They are calling for little to no surge and really not even that much rain. Thoughts?