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  1. Maybe folks are tired of posting snow maps that are somehow only accurate north of 70 and west of Parr's Ridge
  2. 95 S&E getting a light dusting that the NW crew isn't getting in on..
  3. As per the usual arrangement, watching CHART on the Web webcams in PSU and Mappyland to see some snow in this obnoxious winter... This let down of a storm should make those seasonal gradient maps even more painful to look at.
  4. You're just NE of me across the Patapsco... I'm in GB on the Marley peninsula. That band is crazy.
  5. I've seen smaller ice pellets in summer thunderstorms.. the sleet is huge and pouring
  6. Giant snow asteroids mixed with some of the heaviest sleet I've ever seen in Glen Burnie... crazy to watch 28/22
  7. It doesn't help that TT uses a shade of pink/purple for heavy snow and mix lol
  8. I agree I'm just saying the map showing 9" is misleading... 18Z NAM was good to the whole area for sure I'd lock it up in a heartbeat.
  9. So both NAMs came in snowier... maybe the start of a good last minute trend?
  10. I'd say its a lot of sleet... I hate the TT NAM maps
  11. 18Z NAM coming in snowier for the cities vs 12Z
  12. Yea i dunno what was going on with the copy/paste... in the paste window it looked fine but was reverting to the 3am map after i submitted the reply. Very weird.
  13. This is the second storm this year that I've noticed has shown that 'crab claw' look that seems to have precip avoiding the cities for a while... weird
  14. This one is going to really hurt when it's puking snowballs at PSU's house and raining in the cities... again... on the bright side, a storm starting out as nothing, getting way better right up to kickoff before getting reverse-NAM'd is the only square left on my bingo card
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