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  1. Kinda weird NWS hasn't hoisted the Flood Watch... Its a Friday in summer... lots of people are going to go down to old Ellicott City to eat and hit the bars with no clue this could potentially make their night a living hell.
  2. Seeing a hook echo on the DCA and Andrews TDWR... and a notch forming on LWX NEXRAD. Rotation is still fairly weak though.
  3. I don't know why they don't just say "storm" and leave off the "thunder".
  4. Yeah... I guess the lack of resolution makes it look even more absurd than it would on something like the HRRR or 3k
  5. How in the world is the precip distribution on the 12k NAM even theoretically possible?
  6. Locked in indeed... that ENS map looks identical to the Seasonal
  7. Not true - Euro has had wave 2 for several runs now and yesterday's 12z looked a lot like the GFS just showed.
  8. The question is how much of the GFS's coastal depends on it being right about wave 1? If its wrong on that, what are the downstream effects on wave 2?
  9. Are we tracking/rooting for a freezing rain fest now? Seems snow is all but out of the question here... next storm looks more promising though.
  10. Yikes from NE AACo... The cutoff from hell... Keep that ish outta my county lmao
  11. mulch caving in Glen Burnie... after about 3 hours of light-mod snow
  12. Weatherbell is going to have to up their game if they want to keep charging $25/mo
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