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  1. At least this year, nearly the whole sub has some actual snow to show for it.
  2. More intense than 99% of my severe tstorm warnings lol
  3. Things are getting a little ridiculous here on the west side of the bay.... Wild wind
  4. Sleet assault now in Glen Burnie... Wind has picked up significantly. 28/25
  5. Moral of the story: It really only takes about 1-2" to make things look awesome outside. We live where we live. We should appreciate everything over a cartopper
  6. I haven't taken mine down yet because I've been lazy but I turned off the timer... your pic is making me want to go turn them on even though the neighbors will look at me like I'm Clark Griswold
  7. The salt is absolutely no match for the cold and rates... they keep putting it down and it just keeps getting covered lol
  8. Pingers still seem to be staying south of Rt 50... All snow in northern AA Co and just ripping. Great storm. 27/23
  9. Wife's homemade Bun Rieu (Vietnamese crab noodle soup) is amazing on a night like tonight
  10. Went for a jebwalk before it flips. Absolutely beautiful out. Mod SN 27/18
  11. SN- now just south of Baltimore... temp up a degree 26/11
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