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  1. Some weak rotation in the Howard Co storm?
  2. It definitely "feels" severe out there... sun coming out in the morning, muggy, warm, breezy...
  3. VIL looks like it went way down as it got closer to me... No hail just torrential rain
  4. Some serious CG to my west... wind kicked up and VIL looks isolated, but decent
  5. Lots of thunder in Northern AA Co...
  6. Getting some legit gusts here in Northern AACo... BWI gusted to 44
  7. Pretty decent snow coming down in Northern AACo...
  8. Radarscope is actually putting hail markers on the "cells" around DC... Interesting
  9. Nice... I grew up in the HoCo part of Mt Airy... Off West Watersville Rd. Great area for winter weather. I miss it haha
  10. Where abouts in HoCo are you?
  11. I"m just south of you... its just sleet... nothing too exciting. :-/
  12. PSU and Mappyland are probably still okay... for now.
  13. Pretty much 100% sleet in Northern AACo
  14. The deathband in AACo