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Major Hurricane Ida

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8 minutes ago, Ginx snewx said:

Crap information.

Doesn't even show, which has been in Ida for a couple of hours:

NOAA3 Mission #2 into IDA
Type: Low-level Reconnaissance  |  Status: In Storm

As of 11:08 UTC Aug 29, 2021:
Aircraft Position: 28.02°N 90.00°W
Bearing: 45° at 481 kt
Altitude: 2441 gpm
Peak 10-second Wind: 63 kt at 312°
Extrapolated Sea-level Pressure: 993.9 mb

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2 minutes ago, csnavywx said:

I was expecting stronger when I got up this morning, but this is definitely over my guess. We need an EWRC and fast. Main hurricane levees are at risk at this level. Any more strengthening will not help in that regard.

We have less than 7 hours until landfall. Given the current radar and recon info i dont see how we get an EWRC started in that short of a time.

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A sobering wake up this am!

Start or continue PRAYING...#HurricaneIda catastrophic disaster unfolding. I am usually more nuanced. Not today. This is not hype. This is a professional meteorologist, director of and aformer Pres of sick to his stomach. 50 mb in 22 hr, rapid deepening
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1 minute ago, LakeEffectKing said:

Grand Isle Louisiana has rapidly rising waters, per Weather Channel.   Webcam is sickening...

They’re at 7 ft ASL. I don’t think much that isn’t reinforced will be left standing. 

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