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  1. If all I had was a radar and a thermometer I'd be out buying milk and bread after peaking at tonight's SE radar. Dang, can't break this snow drought here.
  2. So does 1/10th of an inch count as a White Christmas? It does here!
  3. So what's with the "banding" look to all of these members? 3-4 distinct ares of enhancement of anafrontal snowfall. Is it weak distinct disturbances riding up the front, or temp driven with time of day? Weird look.
  4. Why not? There is a patch of untouched water in the Bay of Campeche.
  5. Dang. I grew up there. I should have chased this one.
  6. After a lazy day recovering from its trip across the Yucatan, Zeta looks to be beginning to fire some convection around the center.
  7. Does anyone have the EMCF and GFS gust products handy? Zeta looks to be likely to cause more inland tree damage deep into the SE states than any storm this season given it's fast forward motion once inland.
  8. Come on people. It's not maxing out until it nears landfall. 2020 remember?
  9. LOL. I always thought mountains were the place to be. 95.5w
  10. Sure looks an awful lot like we have a tropical storm near 22.3n 99.5w on satellite to me.
  11. Considering many people living there had to think the storm would not be nearly as bad there as ground truth, it's to be expected. I pray that the perfectly reasonable forecast of little change in strength when Sally was a generous 85 mph cane yesterday afternoon didn't cause less cautious people to be trapped in a bad spot.
  12. It's going to take some mighty fine driving, but there is a chance given this recent due north wobble that the storm manages to move just on the right heading to keep both Mobile and Pensacola out of the eyewall.
  13. Water temps still are running 81-83 at some of the buoy's I looked at north of the storm. Not too shabby considering there has been tropical storm conditions over them for almost 24 hours. But yep, no doubt, the slow movement will keep a lid on intensity. I do doubt that absent some 15kts or better shear it weakens though.