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  1. Certainly an interesting look to the core of Beta this afternoon on KHGX...
  2. Looks like recon found 114kt SFMR (~130mph) in the NW eyewall this pass. 130kt FL (~150mph) as well.
  3. 947.2 on the latest pass by the NOAA aircraft..
  4. FWIW, the symmetry of the CDO and intense convection has improved drastically from earlier this evening..
  5. That 969mb reading of 99kt is a gust.
  6. Could probably justify nudging the intensity up to 80kt/90mph with those SFMR/FL readings recon just found.
  7. Impressive area of 100+mph bins in the eastern and western eyewall of Sally on KMOB, albeit at a beam height of 4-7kft.
  8. Someone on the coast is going to get absolutely pummeled with ridiculous surge with how slow this thing is moving. Being in the eyewall of this thing is gonna feel like hours and hours of hell (by non-major cane standards).
  9. Approximately 42 miles from landfall between Gulf Shores and Dauhpin island with the current NNE 2mph heading... uhh yeah...
  10. About to potentially get the first truly closed eyewall of Sally’s life.
  11. Probably getting about to that distance where frictional effects will start kicking in and tightening the core.
  12. After having one of the best eye presentations this morning that Sally has ever had, it now is back to a really junky look. Doesn’t look like recon has found any hurricane-force SFMR this morning either... COC is filled in with convection and all sorts of precip with a notable dry slot on the western side. Probably a tropical storm ATTM. Not to say it can’t restrengthen, but definitely has been on a weakening trend.
  13. Radar presentation seems to have degraded a good deal. Perhaps dry air is being ingested, but both the feeder bands and the core look pretty meh on KMOB presently. IR loop would seem to indicate that some reorganization might be happening.
  14. This storm is a bit confusing. Had cat 2 winds measured earlier resulting in a 100mph advisory from NHC, but honestly from all the recent recon data we have a fairly tame cat 1. Radar and satellite presentations make it seem like we should be expecting more impressive recon data though, so that’ll probably change overnight (as forecast). Doubt we end up with anything less than 100mph at landfall, but it’s a bit interesting watching the data come in. Not many FL or SFMR hurricane-force readings. Imagine some of the lesser upper-end readings have to do with the storm becoming better organized, and expanding its wind field (as we now see much stronger winds in all quads vs earlier today when they were quite weak in the south and west).