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  1. Last cut of the year I go to 2" so the snow covers the blades easier, don't like glass blades sticking up
  2. First flakes here in Walpole, MA. Flew in from Denver last night, lots of turbulence, was happy when the wheels touched down at Logan
  3. It's pretty awesome watching Bettis, seems like the eye may bypass him? FOr today, better than the NFL
  4. Love days like today, 46 and drizzle with light showers mixed in. Weeded the veggie garden and gave a bit of fert to my onion plants, weeds came up nice and easy. Worked organics into the soil, much better than warm and sun...plenty of time for that
  5. Thunder here in Walpole
  6. First flakes just started here, I still love seeing the first flakes of any storm
  7. HUGE FLAKES, covered all quickly
  8. finally flipped over
  9. Just looked out my office window, very light snow dribbling down. Nice
  10. Was driving Bear Notch Road this year on an August afternoon when a mom moose and 2 of her little ones came roaring out from my left, single file line. I was far enough away that I could break and enjoy the view, was pretty cool
  11. Days and days of watching and hearings storms all around, only to be shut out by the Eastern Mass force field. My veggie garden and lawn just want some water
  12. Steve. fishing at the breakwall or surfing at the Point? I lived on Great Island (by the port of Galilee) for 25 years and always hated days like today. When it is 90 at Point Judith, its freaking hot! There is a cooling breeze there 98% of the time
  13. same here, such a disappointment
  14. On my deck looking west and can see headed this way. Thunder a bit louder, I just want the water from the sky. No need for wind, hail, or lightening, just water. If I get water I am happy Louder and closer
  15. I like him and follow him on twitter because of his gardening tweets, but his volume of drought posts is increasing to the point where I am tired of reading them. We get it Dave, you think it's going to be dry.