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  1. Just flipped back to all snow here in Walpole, looks beautiful once again..... Good luck with your dad, Jay,
  2. in order Blizzard of 78 by wide margin....never to be surpassed April Fools 1997 Perfect Storm in 91, not as bad as east facing massachustts, but living in narrangansett and seeing things I had never seen before...high tides and fishing boats in Galilee higher than I had ever seen Hurricane Belle in 76......I was 9 years old and had no idea what to expect, but mom and dad remembered '38 and the hurricanes of the 50's, so I thought it would be devastating: it wasn't and I was dissapointed by Belle August 1975, 104 degrees in PVD....my mom was a nurse and working that day, I remember complaining to my dad that it was too hot honorable mention is the 78 combo of the ice storm and the 21 inches in January, before the blizzard
  3. Pretty slow mover with occasional rumbles of thunder and heavy rain; picked up good rains today between this morning and now
  4. Like all of you, I love snow. But I'm done, I just want to give my lawn a good rake, is that asking too much? Probabably 1.5 here today with the huge flakes so ground covered again. Will melt quickly tomorrow, but raking not gonna happen
  5. Watching Harvey, too. He said 6.5 at Logan as of 1 pm
  6. Last cut of the year I go to 2" so the snow covers the blades easier, don't like glass blades sticking up
  7. First flakes here in Walpole, MA. Flew in from Denver last night, lots of turbulence, was happy when the wheels touched down at Logan
  8. It's pretty awesome watching Bettis, seems like the eye may bypass him? FOr today, better than the NFL
  9. Love days like today, 46 and drizzle with light showers mixed in. Weeded the veggie garden and gave a bit of fert to my onion plants, weeds came up nice and easy. Worked organics into the soil, much better than warm and sun...plenty of time for that
  10. First flakes just started here, I still love seeing the first flakes of any storm
  11. Just looked out my office window, very light snow dribbling down. Nice