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  1. I have no desire to repeat October, hole in roof and multiple trees down. Was at my son's baseball game last night and they called it right as the winds whipped up and the infield kicked up. That was cool, but that was pretty much it, just heavy rain after that. I'll take the rain without the derecho, that October strom was intense.
  2. I used peat this spring when I re-seeded a section of my lawn that had trees fall on it during last October's microburst. I had never used peat before, had researched that it worked well and it did. Grass came up great, I will never seed again without using a thin layer of peat on top.
  3. I've heard that storm to our south rumbling pretty consistently for the last hour or so as it moves east...meanwhile we stay sunny up here
  4. Got back from Glacier National Park this afternoon...spent a week out there...spectacular....I love New England and would never leave, but Glacier was awesome...pictures don't do it justice
  5. Tragic, RIP James and prayers for his family. He will be missed
  6. Last 30 minutes or so flakes have finally improved...coming down nicely now
  7. Just looked out my office window to see it snowing beautifully here in Walpole. When I drove in at 6:30 was more like a light drizzle with an occasional flake...this is much nicer
  8. I lived in Brighton on Cambridge STreet during the great winters of 1993/94 and 1995-96; that is the one scene from those winters I don't miss...was tough owning a car those winters, got towed a time or two
  9. We had the flip, then more rain than flakes, now back to more flakes, bigger parachute variety...nasty out there with the wind, but i love it!
  10. Some pictures, apologies in advance it it fails, I'm a first-timer and resized them to fit
  11. I'm in Walpole, holy shit it was something in our neighborhood. Knew it was coming and was outside on the deck waiting for it, we live in a neighborhood with a lot of trees and woods, so I am used to the sound of wind as it approaches. This one was like a low rumble that got louder, at first I thought it was thunder but was too continuous and I thought, that's the wind. It was really dark and I Went inside and the wind just came, blowing west to east in backyard with pine needles and leaves blowing through the air. I could hear shit hitting the house, the pelting was obvious; my sons were in their bedrooms when a big pine toppled, scraping their windowns. They saw the tree has it went by, the very top of the pine is on their roof! I also abut Norfolk Aggie HS, i have a huge oak that is on their side, but hangs into my yard. I'm not good on age, but it's old and big, I think those woods are about 80 years old; it always survives big winds, not yesterday, lost a pretty big leder that's hanging into my yard. By far heaviest wind I ever experienced, driving around town to get to the my office was like a puzzle, roads closed all over in my part of town.
  12. I love Pittsburgh, been there many times and have enjoyed it every time. I wouldn't live there because it's not home, but it is a solid city.
  13. Listening to the Norfolk County (MA) police and fire scanner, its been going non-stop....calling in extra police and ambulance to Norwood Hospital,sounds like may be evac'uating parts due to flooding...still pretty good rain and thunder and lightening here, it is not quitting yet
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