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  1. Any eps members, control, anything show any hits? .
  2. Actually ends up damn close. Don’t have maps, but wow what an ironic way to end winter this would be Lmao .
  3. Lol 18z gfs showing a very similar progression… .
  4. Lol, is the 18z gfs trying to do the same thing as the euro? .
  5. Any support on the ensembles?! Joking… (Not joking) I didn’t renew wxbell lol .
  6. Models tonight have unfortunately strengthened the lead wave, this seems to hurt the follow up one (one we’re “tracking” .
  7. Yeah the rgem still looks decent at 84, it isn’t as amped as 12z so don’t expect cmc to show a 12z- like solution, but it could be decent since it generally follows the rgem. .
  8. Yea, need the shortwave to close off and go negative in time and then nyc has a shot as well. Need it to really bomb like control shows for example. CMC is too amped .
  9. How about control!? Lol…. 00z nam looks to join the party now too thru 72 hours looks cmc ish .
  10. Gfs trying to get back in the fold? .
  11. Early changes vs 6z…. .
  12. 12z euro, Can see differences with shortwave strength out west, looks stronger thru day 3 .
  13. Yea actually noticed the same thing ha. Idk could be a blip? Do models struggle more during this time of year? I just use these maps because they always come out before the rest lol .
  14. 12z Canadian blows this event up again .
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