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  1. The one in 2011 I was in my car as well. Sitting at a light and it started to rock like a gust of wind blew it. Same sensation you had. .
  2. I live right next to a train track, thought it was the train at first it definitely had that same roar to it .
  3. My house shook I live just outside Philly that was wild .
  4. My house shook i thought it was the train since I live next to the tracks .
  5. My buddy is at fox ridge resort in North Conway. Any reports out that way for totals, he hasn’t gotten back to me just curious .
  6. Late last night driving home from work there was definitely some snow mixed in, or super cooled rain droplets. You could see the ice particles on the windshield when the droplets hit. Win I suppose? Lol .
  7. My friend drove all the way up to North Conway for this one. .
  8. Friend of mine drove up to North Conway for this. He’s at Fox Ridge resort prob around 550 elevation. Decent spot? Haven’t been in the loop for this one. .
  9. Even if it’s a rainstorm it’s still a pretty interesting test for this model. It’s been showing a large system at this range for few runs now .
  10. Meh second glance there’s no cold air really so would need a miracle track .
  11. Ah I see thanks. Not a bad setup, ha, would need that 50/50 a little farther S. I’m still checking in here and there .
  12. I’m out of the loop, does the OP euro not exist anymore? Pivotal only has this new version, check this H5 look it has for 6z run .
  13. Cape any snow on the GEFS? I deleted wxbell. Soothe my addiction a bit lol. If we somehow get a threat I’ll reup. .
  14. Right lol. That tpv wave that slides out ahead of the main trough is key. .
  15. Euro obv trending right direction, lot flatter vs 00z wrapped up solution .
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