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  1. STxVortex

    Hurricane Barry

    They're called a " Mesovortex " or Mesovortices. They are found in many venues, thunderstorm complexes and supercells, tornadoes, and cyclones. They can be considerably more intense than the 'host' vortex or system. I also agree with those thinking that Barry will consolidate itself and intensify more than the official guidance before landfall, and afterwards. Not only that, I think that a " Brown_ocean_effect " may happen with TS Barry, given the present very saturated [and full of latent heat] Louisiana terrain; like occurred with TS Allison in 2001 over SE Texas.
  2. STxVortex

    Hurricane Barry

    I've been thinking since yesterday that TS/Hurricane Barry might have a "brown ocean" TCMI effect after making landfall over the already saturated terrain of Louisiana. And that Barry could actually strengthen for many hours after landfall, very much as Tropical Storm Allison did in 2001 over SE Texas. A"Tropical Cyclone Maintenance and Intensification Event or TCMI", per the Wiki: Brown ocean effect
  3. STxVortex

    Hurricane Barry

    For clarity, I should have mentioned that the 'Key Message' for the GOM system was also present with the one described above, which to me appeared to be more than just a mistyped glitch, and the Yucatan is ~1Kmi away [I checked both several times and they each went to the GOM message, at that time]. At any rate a curiosity, since one rarely sees errors on the NHC.
  4. STxVortex

    Hurricane Barry

    RE: "NHC already releasing key messages". Oddly, earlier today the NHC had a topline link on the main page that read: 'Key Message for potential Yucatan System' at around 1400hCDT. That link actually went to the 'GOM system' message, and then soon disappeared [don't know how long it appeared, at least 10-15 minutes]. So, is something brewing in down around the Yucatan that the NHC isn't quite sure enough about yet, or was that line just a mistyped glitch? Haven't seen any reference to a tropical wave or whatever near the Yucatan in the NHC 'tropical wx discussions'.