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1 hour ago, 09-10 analogy said:

Seems like one built right on top of me. Quite the T&L action in upper NW currently. Substantially better than yesterday but with less wind. Third day in a row with a good storm, each one with different strengths.

I can see a substantial increase in lightning off to the East, almost like a supercell is forming tbh. I got fringed but that's ok. Yesterday was primo

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1 hour ago, poolz1 said:

Crazy how my slightly southern lat resulted in a fraction of your totals. I was caught in the middle. Today produced though. Rough estimate looking at the rain gage.... 1.25" or so. Gardens are pleased finally...

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I read earlier that you had been largely missed the last couple of days.  Was happy when I checked radar leaving work to see that cell held together for you.

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21 minutes ago, 87storms said:

I’m seeing CG lightning to the east. Wouldn’t surprise me if the nats game catches a delay 

Yeah I didn’t see that rapid development coming. Looks like they maybe can resume around 930-945 though perhaps. Still weak sauce for most of us lol

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This has brought the house down (figuratively) in a way that only happens a couple times a year usually.. Not only the close in strikes, which are always juiced by the transmission towers around here, but also the continual background roar of the thunder. I guess the big close in strikes are the melody and the continuous rumble in the distance is the harmony. But I’m not musical so that metaphor probably sucks. It’s a keeper regardless.

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