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  1. 54 in NOVA and spitting rain. Should be an interesting weather day.
  2. I appreciate where you experts are coming from. No sirs and madams on local, I am wondering where local "true risks"abound"such that our phones go off" in all hours all hours of the day and night then nothing happens. Imho: if it doesn't occur, we weaken our stance.
  3. Here is what I texted my kid in response to Alexandria alert last night: 11:08 pm June 19 2019 : " The National Weather Service has issued a Severe Thunderstorm Warning for Alexandria. Seek indoor shelter immediately." No such happened. I want to know what this was based upon. Folks, in the end, you are crying wolf when we need to be not so.
  4. As a follower of American Weather, I applaud you all. But I will say again, too many "wolf cry's at all hours on iPhone/Samsung will negate the benefit. Our "youth" are different.
  5. How do you explain " seek shelter immediately' warnings within 2 days when no weather happened then?
  6. Please. I vote for serious alerts. I'm just saying "less serious alerts" so we don't "cry wolf" at all hours which imho opinion happened in my town. How do I pass otherwise the real alerts from the other, I ask you? We must distinguish! I am forever thankful to my friend who alerted me such that I took my kids to basement level.
  7. I understand what you are saying. I've been watching weather for years. But I am concerned for our populous,youth/younger people who may become "use to these local warnings" which do not pan out or are given too frequently .Imho, better to alert to the following as my best friend did: "On June 29, 2012, a devastating line of thunderstorms known as a derecho (deh REY cho) moved east-southeast at 60 miles per hour (mph) from Indiana in the early afternoon to the Mid-Atlantic region around midnight.
  8. Last night at 11:08 pm Alexandria Va residents received a Severe Weather Warning via NWS. It woke me up and I alerted my kid. Nothing happened. Today (8/20/19 at 5:34 pm) we received another NWS Severe Thunderstorm Warning. "Seek indoor shelter immediately". So far nothing. Is the NWS crying wolf to soon? Or too much? Serious question.
  9. Thank you for your post. Lot's going on and need some future guidance for next week.
  10. What does this mean specifcally for the I 95 corridor from Baltimore to Northern Virginia? I need to let my spouse know and now!
  11. Wow, Thank you very much for this detailed Sterling radar. Sure does look like Baltimore DC will be hit.
  12. Hello. Any particular updates on severe weather for Baltimore to Washington DC corridor? Got family traveling today. Tyvm. WLD.
  13. Heavy rain not much wind. White out from front and back windows. Glad no wind.
  14. We always lose power when these kind of storms occur. Maximum days without power was 10, when we had toddlers.