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  1. Are the storms coming close to North Arlington and Alexandria? We just got our electricity back and I'm sick of the thought of loosing it again (too many times this summer Dominion Virginia Electric).
  2. 2.63" here in Alexandria. No, no tornado that was a fluke listing (strange). Thanks.
  3. Local and trustworthy retired Met in Alexandria saying tornado alert now. Any one seeing this?
  4. Electricity went out in storm here in northern AVA around 3:30 pm. I had to find Dominion Virginia outage number so called around 3:50 pm to notify of our address. I looked on my iPhone at their site, they said 50,000 out in NOVA. My city had about 5000 out. It was a whopping thunder and lightening storm here. We had a generator on and back up sump batteries but still I am always anxious when electricity will return. Well it did at like 5:10 pm. Very thankful to Dominion Virginia crew. It doesn't look to bad outside wrt thunderclouds right now.
  5. What does this mean, Eskimo Joe? The risk if lessoning? I'm very concerned about these storms, and also very un-knowledgable.
  7. Was that the infamous 6"hour storm? Gosh how time flies: I remember it well.
  8. That seemed greater rate than 1inch/hour here in Alexandria to me.More like 2inch plus for brief period of time. Where's Yoda?
  9. Two years ago this June, we had a huge unstable storm. I still remember yelling out to my kids and their friends to "come in now" and they poured in. Before I knew it, our downstairs was filled up with high schoolers and early college students. I want to leave you with one pertinent fact: after the deluge, while they were getting restless to leave and I said please not yet, there was a horrific lightning flash and boom that took down a tree next door. Always, always wait and check your local radar and weather people before dismissing. I am thankful to this day I stood my ground and when they heard that boom, the rooms went silent and they learned too. Kids!! I love em.
  10. 54 in NOVA and spitting rain. Should be an interesting weather day.
  11. I appreciate where you experts are coming from. No sirs and madams on local, I am wondering where local "true risks"abound"such that our phones go off" in all hours all hours of the day and night then nothing happens. Imho: if it doesn't occur, we weaken our stance.
  12. Here is what I texted my kid in response to Alexandria alert last night: 11:08 pm June 19 2019 : " The National Weather Service has issued a Severe Thunderstorm Warning for Alexandria. Seek indoor shelter immediately." No such happened. I want to know what this was based upon. Folks, in the end, you are crying wolf when we need to be not so.
  13. As a follower of American Weather, I applaud you all. But I will say again, too many "wolf cry's at all hours on iPhone/Samsung will negate the benefit. Our "youth" are different.
  14. How do you explain " seek shelter immediately' warnings within 2 days when no weather happened then?