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  1. Saw flurries here in Adelphi! Man it seems as though we are in Northern Florida excited to see flakes. lol. At least I feel that way. It has been a while. .
  2. I just went to take out the trash and saw some fatties! Though they were about 5 feet apart. [emoji322] Just realized this should be in the obs forum. Mods, can you help a brother? [emoji6] .
  3. My son was born in the middle of the March 3 2014 snowstorm. I will never give up until late March. [emoji3] .
  4. March snow is pretty awesome. Sun angle isn't really an issue for me. We could get 10 inches in Jan and it torch the day after like 50 degrees and all the snow melts fast anyway. I have a feeling we'll have a nice consolation snow in the next 30 days. February is usually good to us. January has always been frustrating for me. Help me out, isn't February the middle of winter anyway for us?
  5. Sleet/rain mix. 25F in Lancaster, PA .
  6. Gosh. I remember the days when all you had was the weather channel, local news, and the NWS forecast phone number. And local channels would go off the air at night. So, all you could do was go to sleep and hope for the best. Now there is so much data at our fingertips, there is no rest for the mind or emotions. Too much data can be a bad thing for our weary data driven souls in the 21st century. .
  7. Is something wicked this way coming? Dost thar be snow? It looks cloudy. Government is shuttin down. My thermo says 44F. Dewpoint is 23.9.
  8. Snowing in Austin per radar. .
  9. Channeling my Price Is Right skills: BWI: 30.3 DCA: 25.5 IAD: 35.7 RIC: 28.2
  10. 31.3F Hard freeze baby!! Woo hoo!! .
  11. Power is back on. 2.29 for the event. Dow to 50F. .