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  1. adelphi_sky

    January Banter 2019

    Is there a nice webpage with animations/graphics or a book (not Kocin's $100+ book), that explains this PNA/EPO Blocking 50/50 stuff? Or is Kocin the only authority on winter storms? Thanks much!
  2. adelphi_sky

    January Banter 2019

    Snow never really hangs around long here. I love a winter landscape in winter. We always get heatwaves with rain that washes it all away. I'd like to keep a snowpack for at least two weeks. Then mother nature can do a reset.
  3. adelphi_sky

    January Banter 2019

    Whoa. Five feet. That's way above what I thought would be my all-time storm. Give me a two-footer and I'm happy. We would all need bobcats in our garages with 5-ft of snow. School would be closed for a month. Roofs would be caved in. Dogs and cats living together. Total anarchy!
  4. adelphi_sky

    January Banter 2019

    For me, the play-by-play banter, even in Storm Mode, is just as fun as the snow.
  5. adelphi_sky

    January Medium/Long Range Discussion

    My first ski trip with my son as well this weekend. But we're headed to Massanutten Friday through Monday. Not sure we'll get any snow but rain this weekend. The models don't look favorable for that part of VA. Massanutten is a hill compared to the mountains in the northeast.
  6. adelphi_sky

    January Banter 2019

    Wife picked this one. We had friends with timeshare there. So, it is $100 for the whole 3-day weekend. I wanted to take my son snow-tubing for the first time. I will definitely go further north and a higher elevation. Maybe before the winter is out. Any suggestions?
  7. adelphi_sky

    January Banter 2019

    Never thought I'd be worried about rain at a mountain ski resort (Massanutten) in the dead of winter. But, it's that great mid-Atlantic winter! Will definitely go further north next time. Guess we'll be inside the entire weekend.
  8. adelphi_sky

    January 12-13th Cold Smoke Obs and Nowcast

    I might end up with an inch after my second shovel. I still see fat flakes in the street lights. Temps are forecast to be above freezing tomorrow. So, at least that will help the sidewalks and steps.
  9. adelphi_sky

    January 12-13th Cold Smoke Obs and Nowcast

    Well, this storm easily passed my baseline of 5" for respectable snow! I just finished my second round of shoveling. Even took my son out for a Jebwalk this afternoon!
  10. adelphi_sky

    January 12-13th Cold Smoke Obs and Nowcast

    Snurring. IT's cold. Pulled a back muscle this morning at the gym. Real smart just before having to shovel snow.
  11. adelphi_sky

    January Banter 2019

    5 inches is my new baseline. I need it to snow at least 5-inches to be satisfied. Plenty to get good sled rides in and make worthy snowmen.
  12. adelphi_sky

    December Medium/Long Range Discussion

    I'm down.
  13. adelphi_sky

    November 15-16 First Frozen Obs/Nowcast

    Looks like snow to me. 33F. Streets are caving.
  14. adelphi_sky

    October Discobs Thread

    That would be perfect for just 30 minutes. All I need is about 2 inches of steady rain. Looks like I might make it.
  15. adelphi_sky

    October Discobs Thread

    Oh so close. another 3 hours and we would be in business! I just need a good soaking so I can make it until the forecast rain for Monday.