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  1. adelphi_sky

    May Banter 2019

    Not one drop of rain yesterday. Looks like I'll get hot air with no rain again today.
  2. adelphi_sky

    April Discobs 2019

    0.00 so far.
  3. adelphi_sky

    March Discobs 2019

    My wind speed sensor reported a 65 mph gust today in Adelphi. I’m in Richmond. Please tell me it is incorrect. [emoji33] .
  4. adelphi_sky

    The March Long Range Discussion Thread, Winter's Last Stand

    Oh boy. You guys better do some tough mental exercises. After this winter so far, I don't think some have any mental gas left to ride what is looking to be a 10-day emotional rollercoaster. My son was born during the March 3rd 2014 snowstorm. It would be cool to have one 5 years later!
  5. adelphi_sky

    2/19-20 Winter Storm Observations

    I'm perfectly fine with three 4-6 inch events during winter. Of course, a 12-inch storm/blizzard is icing on the cake. This winter has been okay when not bogged down in model forecasting. Not the best, but okay.
  6. adelphi_sky

    2/19-20 Winter Storm Observations

    30 degrees ripping fatties. Now, THIS is snow. Whiskey snow!
  7. adelphi_sky

    2/19-20 Winter Storm Observations

    My radar confirmed lightening up near Hagerstown. Boy, would I love that down here. I think the band moving east toward Winchester may have some good stuff for us.
  8. adelphi_sky

    2/19-20 Winter Storm Observations

    I want that snow that was in the thundersnow montage video. This is hot chocolate snow. Blizzard snow is Whiskey snow!
  9. adelphi_sky

    2/19-20 Winter Storm Observations

    ABout 3 inches here. Temp has dropped some since last report. 28.2/26.7. Moderate to heavy snow.
  10. adelphi_sky

    2/19-20 Winter Storm Observations

    28.4/26.6 Snow lightened up a bit. Wish there was wind to go with this.
  11. adelphi_sky

    2/19-20 Winter Storm Observations

    28.8/26.5 Moderate snow.
  12. adelphi_sky

    February Banter 2019

    I remember 1979. I was 5 years old and recall making snow caves in the piles of snow.
  13. adelphi_sky

    February 19-21, 2019 storm threat

    I like the trends overall. It looks like we finally have cold air that has some cajones.
  14. adelphi_sky

    February Banter 2019

    Fitting how I just got a new weather station and expected to test out the rain gauge today. Now I can't even count on rain. :-)