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  1. I read an article, can't recall where, but it talked about how hurricanes lately have experienced rapid intensification in under 24 hours. I'm not saying that will happen here, but there has been a trend where a storm will take off from a TS and end up a CAT 3 within hours. This storm has held together for a long time. I'm surprised it is still holding together.
  2. Hugest slug of rain ever to our west after a hot crackly day is awesome!
  3. The sky reminds me of orange sherbert.
  4. Wow! Mother nature really knows how to shut the door in your face. Rain is struggling to get north of DC. Shower trajectory looks promising and then they just evaporate.
  5. What in the rain gods is this random shower popping up threatening my first ever backyard movie night?
  6. Lots of lightening in Adelphi. More than I've seen in a few years. Great light show for the kids.
  7. 3.24" for the week. 6.57" for the month.
  8. Got a solid 1.27in of rain out of those storms. Perfect for summer. Rain, thunder, with no wind damage. My kind of storm.
  9. 1.97 inches of rain yesterday. Awesome! My lawn is wet with tears of joy!
  10. Talk about a squished storm. Hitting a brick wall at Baltimore's doorstep. Soooo close. Thirsty lawns all over the DC area are crying right now. Listen closely.