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  1. Channeling my Price Is Right skills: BWI: 30.3 DCA: 25.5 IAD: 35.7 RIC: 28.2
  2. Temp dropped a bit. 31.1F .
  3. 31.3F Hard freeze baby!! Woo hoo!! .
  4. Power is back on. 2.29 for the event. Dow to 50F. .
  5. Yeah. This line is way better than the first. Heaviest wind I've seen in months.
  6. 1.78” for the event. Nice rebound. What drought?!? .
  7. Nice. Maybe our fortunes have changed. Looking forward to it. 3.69 inches in the last two weeks.
  8. Dang! 1.98. Almost made it to 2.00.
  9. 1.89 inches and Rum Swizzle from my Bermuda trip! Can I get to 2.00"? .11 to go!
  10. Under the band! 1.74 inches and counting.
  11. 0.87 inches so far. Lovin' it. The strings of grass amidst the dirt patches that survived the mini-drought, like the wisps of hair on a balding man's head, are nice and green. lol
  12. So, I get 1.7 inches of rain this week while I was on a cruise to Bermuda. So, I still haven't experienced any rain personally in over a month. Perhaps the ocean is where I need to be for it to rain again. Anyone want to finance another cruise for me so we can get some more rain?