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Late February will be rocking. February Long range Discussion thread


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10 minutes ago, jayyy said:

We’re still in prime season for snow. All of February is wide open. Lets get through the next 4 weeks first, which appears to have at least 2 windows for snow chances.

And the first couple weeks of March. Outside of a few recent cases, late March is usually meh, and for the lowlands April is Fuhgeddaboudit.

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10 hours ago, pazzo83 said:

Weren't the state records set in MN back in 1996?  I distinctly remember watching coverage of lows in the -60F range.

Edit: and if I click your link I can see that this memory was accurate lol

Records were also broken or tied near where I grew up in Iowa.

Many long-time Iowa residents will remember that legendary event when pipes froze, cars died, and roads cracked apart in the cold. On 02/03/1996 the Osborne Conservation Center southwest of Elkader, Iowa hit -47 degrees, tying the all-time state record that was set in 1912.

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7 minutes ago, Heisy said:

Todays CMC also has NAO form day 8-10. Not sure if it’s legit yet because not really seeing the same signal on the ensembles yet.


The 0z ens runs were hinting especially the EPS. Lets see if that continues for a few cycles.

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