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July 2022 Disco/obs/etc

Torch Tiger

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25 minutes ago, weathafella said:

High summer.  Embrace it and enjoy it.  It’s one of our 4 seasons.

You may get your WAR August  ;)

I'm not hugely impressed with heat days 5 through 10 when utilizing the 500 mb non-hydrostatic height cinema.  I see too many opportunities for side swiping shallow house cleaner troughs... It looks like once we get past Sunday it may be a week of 89 --> 86 --> 90 --> 84 over 60 DPs, then we'll see if that complete and almost scary looking HC expanding clear to lower Canada has any legs.  

If it does, that would interesting in that first week of August.  Again...just going by the 500 mb evolution of the heights.   Usually... that metric "winds" over the surface -

That all said, the GFS has a particular gift side swiping troughs no matter what is happening - so

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22 minutes ago, dendrite said:

Yeah after Sun it's warm/hot, but nothing exceptional next week. Beyond that, we'll see. I'd lean on the warm side of ens consensus right now, but it's keeping some decently cold airmasses pinwheeling through interior QB.

There are signs of the WAR finally making an impact as we flip to August. 

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Hit 97 here today. Was a bit suspicious of it getting quite that high but there seems to be a blob of really high maximums in my area (looking at reliable stations in the area) between 95 and 99. A little further out and the max's seem to be in the 93-95 range. Is this a microclimate thing? Just moved here (Clinton/Lancaster/Bolton line) from Worcester in April. Real-feel with dews in the mid to upper 70's was 104 at one point.

Another thing I've noticed is that my max's come earlier in the day than they did in Worcester. Still see it when I leave work in town and temp back home is 4 or 5 degrees cooler a lot of days, especially when dews are lower than they are right now.

If my thermometer (one of those that record temp outside/inside and keep track of it daily and annually but don't send it to my computer or anyone else) was way off from all the others around I'd just think it was because it isn't weather station acceptable, but the local broadcasting station closest to me were higher than those further out in just about all directions.

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May's highest:  90, on the 14th
June's highest:  89, on the 26th
July's highest:  86, on the 17th (so far)

We've reached 90+ on 18 days here, including 7 during July-Sept 2002.  Have not had a 90+ in those months since then, but have 7 such June days 2003 on and 2 in May, the first in 2017.  As the forest fills in and grows taller after the previous owners' timber harvests of 1990 and 1994, it's been hard to record really high temps when the trees are fully at work. 

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4 hours ago, RUNNAWAYICEBERG said:

Yup. I just spent two hours at the range. I wonder what the humid humpers are doing…curled up next to their window units posting how awesome this is?

My daughter has outdoor bball right now at community house, no complaints from them yet....there has been a breeze since the thunder shower that went through here, it was pretty rough out there earlier. Still feels like 90⁰

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