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July 2022 Disco/obs/etc

Torch Tiger

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1 hour ago, powderfreak said:

We need to go back to the time when the Red Sox we’re holding massive parades for losing.  The golden days of the organization.  When the fan base loved them no matter how many times they lost, loveable losers.

Almost a million people turned out for a Red Sox parade they held after losing the 1986 World Series.

What a wild time, can you imagine holding a parade today, in Boston, after a bad loss in the World Series… and fans were like “I’m here to show them how much we care about them win or lose.”


Man. I don’t remember that at all.    So weird.  

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The other aspect about tomorrow and expectations for top tier heat is the DPs are <65 over the vast region...  Not sure if the lows will stay elevated enough to stage the morning.   We like 75 to 78 mins ...such that it's 85 by 9 ...   etc... 10 after 10 and so on.   We use up the insolation recovering from 65 and we'll end up 96 instead.   Brrr

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